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2010-04-12, 05:16 PM
The idea is to make a game in which players can
created army, which must be sustained by food
Advance in tech, magic and education (new feats and classes)
equiping men with selfmade arms
gorevn cities and keeps.

Think Risk/settlers/total war mediaval war 2/Heroes of might and magic/etc.

There is already a civilisation game on this forum called free form civilisation, but I an not trying to make civilisation, I am trying to make an army from scratch, closely related to race of the army's culture.

EDIT: I have not to use this theard any ways (my homebrew is broken).
, until further.
this just a brainstorm sorting it out later

Going Risk and settlers with dnd

Starting with.

Mundane tech level: Stone age.
Magic tech level: 1st level.
Divine tech level: 2nd level.

Start by
Race: see list later, but subraces too. No halfbreed tribe. I'll revise though

I will apply some traits based on the core races.
Elves have higher tech fx

Population: 90 CR type: thorp



Food and health:
total cost of consumpmation during one week.
Rich (higher levels) eat more than pour (lower levels)

GP Limit: 15
Total gp: 140

Standing army



Economy type:
goods (type) gen per day.
Good types are
iron resources
wood resources
Stone resources

money gen pr day

Goverment: sovereign at first

think ancient greek city states/small kingdoms to renaissance.
The core tech is there, it is just to apply it.

Ideas and problems

Each races has it advantages and its disadvantages
powerful races are strong but few and virsa vice.
Gnomes make good tech, but bad soldiers
Orcs make bad tech, but strong soldiers
and so on based on racial abilities and CR.

Civilsation traits for allowed races, pick subraces yourselves
Humans: something with mass production skills.
Elves: higher magic/divine tech level, old race.
Drawfs: More blueprints for items.
Orcs: breed like rabbits

coming later:
goblionds (pick one of them)

overhead map with a divided into regions (risk).

Now battles they are tricky, so I have come with an idea. make a separate forum
for each battle and make it.I make the checks and rapport on causualties to both sides.
Spares time and it is only a game mechanism.

For the time prupose, we go "gruops" (another RPG system) about it. listing events which must be resolved
before new ones can accur. This means that a table for the timetoll of such actions must be made and defined.
I want this to be reel so if takes the army five days to travel, the army is traveling five days.
Now there is still a problem for what if wants to do something but before we skip fast forward to something.
Well we will end to keep the turnsystem, giving the player an initiave checks (who post ini first), then annoce what
they do one week/month/half a year forward. un til that week is gone player cannot change orders or apply more.
Should events take place the same day ini decides.

will keep this small and massproduction minded.
See the DMG for cost [both xp and money] and time.
Make one more simpel.

based on level and class. Problem player could convert
smiths into fishermen in a day. maybe a rewarding system should be made
specialist may help.

this is seeming to become something one should play on a computer. But there is no risk/settler DnD game.

Tech advancement, release of higher spells and blueprints. Player may chose to study blueprints self, base time on
accuring the knowlegde by its price cost. Things that are related to race are giving a discount.
Player may introduced homebrew here, even their own.
Dividing know-how into
Tech: knowledge on large scale
Blueprints: means to make the specific item. Give a cap for how many blueprints can reached at one turn.

Citzen roles taken for the npc classes
commoner and expert
produce food and goods
sages (aristocrats)
accruing knowlegde
Healers (adepts)
Keep the nation healthy

Player first post should be reserved for this description.

Growth and dying out of pop, now there is a real problem

another problem introducing slaves.


Does anybody have some advice on this??