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2010-04-13, 11:49 PM
A pathfinder campaign I'm playing in has made it advantageous to revisit these old punching bags from Unearthed Arcana ( http://www.d20srd.org/srd/variant/races/bloodlines.htm ). I decided to try to come up with a bloodline that was balanced for the system, which is challenging considering that they were horribly underpowered even for 3.0.

For inspiration, I decided to use the coolest OGL creature out of the entire Epic Level Handbook, the leShay (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/epic/monsters/leshay.htm). It was also a wonderful match for my skittish PC. You know all those old SF tales about going back in time and accidentally killing your grandfather? When your grandfather is from the future, you're going through that stress every moment of your life.

The leShay Bloodline
Members of the ancient race of chronological refugees occasionally take companions for solace, hope, or any number of other motivations, aided by their illusions, compulsions, and insufferable brooding. Those descended from such unions are statuesque and appealing, although those that can dream will never know a good night's sleep in their lives.

1st: +2 Initiative
2nd: Combat Expertise
3rd: +1 Int
4th: LeShay Weapon (1d3 Improvised Weapon)
5th: Affinity +2
6th: +10' movement
7th: +2 Perception
8th: LeShay Weapon (Any Simple Light Weapon)
9th: +1 Dex
10th: Superior Two-Weapon Fighting
11th: Affinity +4
12th: LeShay Weapon (Any One-Handed Weapon +1)
13th: +2 Stealth
14th: Immunity to Poison and Disease
15th: +1 Cha
16th: LeShay Weapon (Any Two-Handed Weapon +2)
17th: Affinity +6
18th: Fast Healing 2
19th: +2 Diplomacy
20th: LeShay Weapon (Any keen Weapon +3)

LeShay Weapon (Su): Members of the leShay Bloodline learn how to manifest weapons out of their own life-force. Being made of soulstuff, they pass through non-living matter as brilliant energy weapons. Creating a blade is a move action, although a character may accomplish the task as a swift action if they have the Quick Draw feat. If the weapon would ever leave the member's touch, it is instead absorbed back into their soul.

The blade begins small and awkward, initially resembling a small icicle (which does piercing damage). As the member grows in strength and experience, they are able to form larger weapons in more refined forms. The weapon is always magical. At twelfth level, it can be manifested with a +1 enhancement bonus; this bonus increase to +2 at 16th level and +3 at 20th level. Also at twentieth level, the weapon may be manifested as a Keen weapon.

While a sufficiently skilled member of the bloodline might be able to form a ranged weapon, they cannot also form ammunition, and any ammunition they would try to fire would have to itself be living for a firing mechanism to affect it. LeShay weapons are always considered light weapons, regardless of the form of the weapon, although members of the bloodline are not automatically proficient with any weapon they create.

Superior Two-Weapon Fighting (Ex): Because these weapons are extensions of its own self, a member of the leShay bloodline does not take an attack or damage penalty for attacking with two leShay weapons.


1st: Some bloodlines add to concentration checks, perhaps the only way they became better under Pathfinder. Adding to initiative isn't much different than that, and is very appropriate for the progeny of a race of time-travelers.

4th: One of the things that people seem to hate about bloodlines is that all you get for three wasted levels is a vast collection of mostly insignificant abilities (although there are exceptions, like oversized weapon use). I knew I wanted to do something that built on itself throughout the progression. And when I became reacquainted with leShay lightsabers, I felt I had to try it.

7th: From the Elf traits of the leShay