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2010-04-14, 02:51 PM
while at first I tired to go with a 4.0 bleach system I figured out that it would be easier to sorta create my own system that would work with the way bleach works I have already come up with a few ideas and I would like to hear from some fans about them

first idea is about the reiatsu in bleach the one system I seen did nothing with it when in the bleach world its a big deal so here is what I came up with

reiatsu points(RP for short)-reiatsu represents a characters power level they can be spent on various stuff, there are two ways for reiatsu points to be used, one is spell casting and the other is using them for battle effects. A person with a higher reiatsu level is easier to find(unless they are able use the suppress reiatsu skill) the use for spells could work like this a spell has a reiatsu rating if the spell is lower then your current reiatsu points you spend a point on the spell(or more then one) if its under you don't spend a point unless the effect of the spell stats you do so

effect for use on battle could include
no damage from one attack
push an enemy back
reduce the chance for you to be hit with an attack
cancel enemy reiatsu ability
increase damage
increase chance to hit
reduce enemy movement

I'm sure they could be other effects but that is what I came up with

so tell me what you guys think about this

2010-04-14, 03:43 PM
something else I might add is something I call talent points(TP for short). This represents a characters natural talent at something. Characters will enjoy bonuse/s from the TP they choose. TP could also be awarded to a character by choice of the DM(a good reason is heavy training in something or researching something.)

again it would be nice to have some feedback on these ideas I have posed

2010-04-14, 03:53 PM
guess this should have gone first but how the system will work is like this, base for system is similar to the final fantasy 2d6 system.
based character type they character will have a set limit on how high the characters stats can go(though they can change this at a much higher level)

so far I have these character types


2010-04-19, 08:49 AM
sense I started this my work seems to become easier, I'm trying to make it more bleach like, combat is going to be fun when I'm said and done, that is a major project for me any one think they would like to playtest this when I'm done let me know.

2010-05-19, 12:56 PM
still working on this I know its been a while but stuff is coming along, don't want to disappoint anyone

2010-05-23, 08:20 PM
what I know for sure about my bleach system

the level up system will be based on your skills nearly ever thing you can or will do will be based on a skill
character type and class will determine how high your stats can be
use a square basked move system
shikai and bankai will not be learned at a set level
Reiatsu and Reiryoku will play a part adding bonus
traits will define a character from how they act to what kind of hair they have
some traits will grant special abilities
hollows will go though the stages (DM decression where to play it out)

well for now this has been a update on what I know for sure will be in the system

2010-07-20, 10:44 AM
i like your ideas... are you going to create a custom character sheet for this system? because some people dont like to have to write it all out on lined paper...

and if this is going to be loose on combat rules then player WILL argue and the DM will have to literally pull something out his *** to get everybody to calm down... i know it'd be hard but a bleach-like d20 game is the best choice because it provides the necessary structure. if you want help on what your doing ive created a partial campaign setting and i have a list of all KNOWN kidou... i like the fact that you wanna put reiatsu in. that is a HUGE aspect of bleach combat. i have an idea for reiatsu and skills i will post them below lol. go to my thread and check out my info i have.


ok now my ideas for reiatsu. Aizen said that shinigami have four basic combat methods: Zanjutsu (sword), Kidou (spells), Hohou (speed/footwork), and Hakuda (hand to hand combat). now my idea was to creat a leveling chart for reiatsu to "level up" and the players get a certain amount of "reiatsu points" to distribute among the four combat methods. and they get bonuses for each point in a skill... e.g. 1 pt in Zanjutsu could give a +1 to the use of a zan-paku-to in combat. or 1 pt in Kidou could raise the level of spells the user can successfully use or the DC of Bakudou, or the damage or Hadou, etc...
the max level or "limit" for shinigami as stated by Aizen could be lvl 10. then when lvls are taken in Vizard, the level could rise... i have Ichigo as stated to have a 10 in Zanjustu (10 in bankai, 20 in hollow form) and 7 in Hohou (10 in Bankai, 17 in Hollow form.) because even when he is in bankai he cant rise above the normal limit until he dons his mask.

For Valor
2010-07-20, 11:52 AM
I think combat trees would be best.

Zanjutsu would involve "stabbing people in the face with a sword", which would branch off to "stabbing people in the kidney" and "stabbing people in the face with an explosion"

etc etc

2010-07-20, 11:54 AM
this could be a good idea. I've been working on and off on this. most of it is coming up with names for abilities and creating the actually system. everything else is mostly set up

2010-07-20, 11:56 AM
do you have a rulebook compilation set up?

2010-07-20, 12:12 PM
do you have a rulebook compilation set up?

no still working on mechanics for battle, I really want it to feel like bleach, hollows are a challege and so are the dolls for bounds and shikai.bankai. stuff for quincy were going to be like a tree as they are more set in stone. after gaining so much points in said skill/s you can then gain skill in this skill to

2010-07-20, 12:34 PM
would you like any help on anything?

2010-07-20, 12:36 PM
would you like any help on anything?yes,it would be useful

2010-07-20, 12:38 PM
what do you need? cause i dont want to work on something that you've already done lol.

2010-07-20, 12:43 PM
what do you need? cause i dont want to work on something that you've already done lol.

I'd have to show you what and how I'm working on stuff to see if you agree with my style. I've done a lot of basic stuff its all fine tuning really. I don't got my stuff with me but I will send you a PM with a ton of stuff. but for now let me see what you can come up with for types for powers and abilities like ice type fire type and so on.

2010-07-20, 12:48 PM
alright! i can design the basic idea but ill figure out how to put it in game terms when i fully understand the system.

2010-07-20, 12:57 PM
alright! i can design the basic idea but ill figure out how to put it in game terms when i fully understand the system.yes I just want to see if you come up with types I did not come up with. I made more then what were shown in bleach after all I want creative freedom when creating stuff

2010-07-20, 01:08 PM
yes I just want to see if you come up with types I did not come up with. I made more then what were shown in bleach after all I want creative freedom when creating stuff

do you want me to come up wth types or abilities? or both?

2010-07-20, 01:08 PM
do you want me to come up wth types or abilities? or both?
types for now were work on abilities after you understand the system more

2010-07-20, 01:13 PM
alright! Igor serve!

2010-07-20, 01:19 PM
i will send you my list that i already had for my variant rule set with a small description for each type.

2010-07-20, 01:29 PM
good, this might help

2010-07-20, 01:52 PM
Heres a list...
Zan-Paku-To Abilities:
Fire Type: uses fire in various ways
Ice Type: uses ice in various ways
Sonic Type: uses sound to deafen and obliterate enemies
Light Type: uses light to confuse and blind the enemy
Combat Type: the Zanpakutō is focused purely for physical combat.
Adaptive Type: the Zanpakutō becomes what is needed at a specific time (physically, no abilities change)
Skill Type: all skills receive a boost as well as combat prowess
Temporal Type: the Zanpakutō is able to bend time to its users will
Spatial Type: The Zanpakutō is able to bend space to its users will
Assassin Type: The Zanpakutō is meant for covert kills and excels at silent death
Death Type: the Zanpakutō causes death after certain conditions are met.
Kidou Type: the Zanpakutō enhances Kidou.
Shrapnel Type: the Zanpakutō does random ranged damage
Blast Type: the Zanpakuto creates explosions to attack the enemy
Wind Type: uses wind in various ways
Mental Type: the Zanpakutō has influence over its enemyís minds
Earth Type: uses earth in various ways
Solar Type: uses a combination of blazing heat and blinding light
Cosmic Type: uses the power of the universe to attack opponents
Dance Type: utilizes dance-like abilities that activate certain effects
Blood Type: uses the users (or enemies blood) as a catalyst for special attacks
Summon Type: summons a beast or other physical manifestation.
Generic Type: any Zanpakutō may gain these abilities
Projectile Type: Zanpakutō attacks with range
Hakudo Type: the Zanpakutō enhances the userís hand-to-hand combat skills.
Speed Type: enhances the users speed for blinding motion.
Water Type: uses water in various ways
Lightning Type: uses lightning in various ways
Gravity Type: the Zanpakutō has influence over an objectís gravity
Blade Type: the Zanpakutō utilizes attacks in the form of a barrage of blades.
Flight Type: the Zanpakutō makes its user adept at aerial combat.
Barrier Type: the Zanpakutō can protect its user
Healing Type: the Zanpakutō enhances its users healing ability
Telekinetic type: the Zanpakutō gives its user the ability to move objects with their mind.