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2010-04-15, 01:08 PM
Greetings all,

I am new to the forums and I am jumping straight into asking a favor. Please forgive me.

I am currently running a D&D 3.5 Gestalt Homebrew Campaign for some friends. We started at 1st level and are currently at 11th. Recently, I lost all of my campaign data and my backup is not readily available. Thus, I am not prepared for our game this Sunday, nor was I prepared this past Sunday. I am needing an adventure that I can run for once a week for 4 hours for the next couple weeks until I can get to my backups.

So, the short of it all is, does anyone have a recommendation for a good adventure that could take a few weeks to run for 11-14th level characters? I am looking for something that would require them to infiltrate a castle/tower/etc to stop a powerful evil. I figure there should be many of these out there. Free is awesome but I'll pay if I have to. It wouldn't necessarily have to be for D&D. I have some time to convert and the group is used to running into unique, homebrew creatures that are not standard D&D.

Any thoughts anyone? Please help!

2010-04-15, 01:17 PM
Check out Red Hand of Doom. It's a good, stable campaign that should be fairly easy to adapt to Gestalt, at least for portions of the later half of the campaign.