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2010-04-16, 09:47 AM
Ok, as the title may or may not properly convey. I am having a Major Mental Block. Something I have never experienced before. Now as a semi-seasoned DM [DM'n over 12 campaigns], I am well aware of the normal campaign write up process and procedure. However, for thought purposes, I will lay them down here 1) For personal organization and affirmation and 2) P.E.A.C.H , etc.

My Thought Process for Campaign Write Ups

Start with factions. [Check]
Start with Faction Infrastructure (topical) [Check]
Faction Infrastructure (underlying) [XXX]
The Why. Faction Social Structure [Semi-Check]
The When. Faction Time-line [Semi-Check]
The What. Why are they Fighting? [XXX]
The Who. Who started it all? Who is the "World" Influence (Often the central villain in my campaigns) [Semi-Check]
The World. Maps, Historical Locations, Important Locations, Cities. Everything that can be defined as a location or landmass. [XXX]

Now then. I will post what I have so far, prepare for the Proverbial Wall of Text.

World Name: Terra [Named after the Cataclysm, tearing the continents asunder. Ironic naming]
Regions: 8
Region 1-
Major Locations:
Side Notes:
Region 2-
Major Locations:
Side Notes:
Region 3-
Major Locations:
Side Notes:
Region 4-
Major Locations:
Side Notes:
Region 5-
Major Locations:
Side Notes:
Region 6-
Major Locations:
Side Notes:
Region 7-
Major Locations:
Side Notes:
Region 8-
Major Locations:
Side Notes:

The Iron-Guard - Leader: Rokkr (Stonechild, Warpriest)
-Dwarf Defensive Fighter (Sword and Board)
-Stonechild Defensive Fighters (Pole-Arms / Double Weapons)
-Rune Priests
-Dwarf Clerics (Rune Domain / Healing Domain)
-Rune Smith
-Dwarf Sorcerers
-Dwarf Barbarians
Dwarfs, Stone Children, Underground Gnomes
The Knights-Templar - Leader: Asland-Cross (Cleric)
-Knights of the Blazing Sun
-Human Knight / Cavilier
-Rangers of the Silver Moon
-Elf Rangers / Scouts / Skylords
-Priests of Mitra
-High Elf Clerics
Human, Elf, High-Elf, Solars?
Order of the Phionex - Leader: Jace (Time Specialist, Phionex companion)
-Jade order Initiate
-Human Warmage / Elf Wizards
-Jade Fire-Fly
-Human Wujen / Elf Shugenja
-Jade Phionex
Anything, Intended to be Diverse, however only Arcane able races be permited.
SOME Psionics may be possible. Jace is an Elan. SECRET.
[Eccentric, almost Tippsy Verse-esque]
Gnomes, Aasimar, Elf, Assorted rare races.
The Fallen - Leader: Crixsis (Lich-Lord, Fallen Angel)
-Undead Army
Lots and Lots of Undead
The Children of Chaos - Leader: Maytron Maylith, Head House Cleric
-Drow (Male) Soilders / Scouts (Females) Clerics
-Tiefling (Male) Rouges (Female) Wizards?
-Demon Army
-Demon Outsiders
Drow and Demons.
C.O.G.- ( Creators of Grenth ) - Leader: Marcus (Master Tech-Specialist)
-The Creators
-The Created
Goblins, Humans, Orcs, Any Race that is Craftsmen Like and Intelligent.
[Think Inventors, Tippsy-Verse almost]
Order of the Fallen Leaf - Leader: Dosan (Druid / healer)
Elf, Centaur, Humans, Catfolk?, Haflings
Any nature loving race. Druidic culture and Shamanistic.
Tribal in nature.

The Iron-Guard, lead by Rokkr Stoneheart
-The Iron-Guard is a collection of the remaining Dwarf population that survived the first Demon assault that was lead by the Drow, they now congregate together in their last standing stronghold with just over 50,000 dwarfs, and 500 Stonechildren. The Stonechildren were sent by the Earth-Elemental Elders to aid the dwarfs, however after endless assaults of undead that were only fueled by the casualties of fighting. In the end the dwarfs retreated to their capital strong-hold, and the Stonechildren remain loyal to the dwarfs. Now, all that remain of the Dwarven nation lies in their last defence, and their leader and head Warchief Rokkr Stoneheart, a Stonechild who was the product of the Stonechildren sent by the Elders and a Dwarf woman, intends to aid the Allied forces in anyway possible in hopes of restoring their honor, pride, and more importantly their nation.

The Knights Templar, lead by Asland Thorlin Cross
-The Knights Templar is a well known organization amongst the nations, over the last 50 years, during the great assault they are one of the few races who managed to stand strong against the hordes of Undead, Demons, Drow, and Tieflings. The organization made largely of Humans is the pinnacle and Image of Law and Strength. They are strictly a militant organization devoted to the destruction of evil and the defense of the weak. All but the eldest have forgotten who and why the Organization was originally founded for. All that is known now is that the Order acts as the Head-Quarters of the allied forces and that they are the standing point of
hope for all the allied forces.

Order of the Jade Phoenix, lead by Jace Tempor
-Little is known of the Order of the Jade Phoenix in that it is made up largely of Arcanist, a long lost teaching when the first Crusade happened wiping out almost every Arcanist and Library or Structure that could aid in the continuation of the study, still the City is somewhere in the Sky, powered by the last remaining Elder-Arcanist and lead by Jace Tempor, the only Wizard to live from the Crusade, it is said that he can manipulate time and space but it is unknown to most everyone except his closest guards. The Order aside from acting as a refuge for the Arcanist acts as a collector of knowledge in that all walks of life from all ranges of knowledge gather here. The library built in "Nerub" (the name of the flying fortress / city) contains every word said, every thought though of and only Jace himself is granted access to it. As far as the war concern goes the Order constantly sends its Initiates out to gather experience in the world as well as provide funds for their research, aside from the Initiates no one knows of the rankings of the order. The actual city is said to reside high in the sky, out of the reach of any Mortal means. Among the order is the last of the Benders, a small elite group of warriors that specialize in one type of arcana. Their numbers now in the 5,000s they fight not only for their life's but also for their order.

The Fallen, lead by Crixsis, A Fallen Angel who turned to Necromancy
-The Fallen is the given name of the horde of undead lead by Crixsis, a Fallen Angel who turned into a Lich out of spite his only goal is to lay waste to the known world. 50 years ago, when he first Fell as an Angel he amassed a small army of undead and turned to the Drow, a sub-terrain race of cultist who dable in the dark arts. Through the Drow Crixsis managed to grow his army of undead and over the 50 years he has slaughtered countless nations and races, the once proud dwarfs among them. Now on recent years after owning nearly 75% of the known world he is starting to stir up even darker forces to crush
the alliance in their last stand.

The Children of Chaos, lead by Maytron Maylith
-Nothing is known of the Cult aside from it has been around since the beginning of the Drow Race and that it is allied with
The Fallen, and recently scouts have reported Drow clerics bringing in Demons sent by Balthazar himself.

The C.O.G's ( or Crafters of Grenth ), lead by Simon Boush
-This Chaotic group of Inventors often are said to have a god complex, while this might be true they have proven to be a irreplaceable
ally in the fight against The Fallen. The COGs or Gearheads to some, are a group of Artificers and Engineers whos sole dream is to have
a mechanized community, unfortunatly a small faction of the COGs broke off when The Fallen attacked which lead to the forces of Destruction
gaining the knowledge of the Spiral, a untold and foretold unlimited power that was passed down to generation to generation within the
faction leaders, now Simon Boush (a famous Techie) leads his Mechanized forces along side the Allies accompanied by Gnomes and Goblins alike.
His goal is to Crush the Traitor COGs, Regain control of the Spiral, and secure his nations exsistance in the future. The COGs lend aid to
the allies in numerous ways, the most known is the perfection of a warlike - sentiment mechanized warrior race known as the Warforged. Unfortunately
this technology goes both ways, and due to the traitor faction the forces of Destruction have aid to less finessed versions of the Warforged but
just as deadly, Golems.

Order of the Sacred Bell, lead by Dosan- the Falling Leaf
-The Order of the Sacred Bell is scarce, it was a well known Organization of Druids and Monks who prided themselves on Inner peace and dedication
to Nature, however when The Fallen raided most of the Monasteries that resided in the mountain side as well as in the deep forests when they were
burned down and the mountain faces wiped clean. All that remains now of the order lies in Heart-Wood, the capital of the druids and heart of the monks
they now stand with the Allied forces, once a peaceful and ellegant race they now are amongst the most fierce and viscous of warriors on the battlefield weilding the fury of nature itself.They are lead by Dosan- The falling leaf, the founder of the Order more than 200 years ago. Himself along with Jace from the Phionex order is all that remains of the "Elder" counsel, a group that was once responsible for the growth and development of all the races
that lived on Terra.

If I left out ANYTHING, Ill attempt to fill it in. Later on, I will break down exactly what I am missing according to my step process.

I know It is ALOT to read, however, I am greatly in-debted by any help.
What I am looking for is some help with the Backstory, maybe some Historical event ideas, Any input. Also, a map. I have a very rough Idea of what I want it to look like, however, I am horrible at drawing. So right now It is some circles with names on a notepad.

THANK YOU SO MUCH in advanced.

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Reserved for Anything.

2010-04-16, 12:21 PM
First off, I have NEVER heard of this sort of campaign design process before. That isn't to say that it is bad, just that others are possible. Actually, this might be the first time I have heard of a specific design process for a campaign, rather than a SETTING. My point is that if you approach it from a geographic, or ecological (how do the Drow feed themselves without the sun for energy input into their ecosystem?) point of view or something for a while, then that might break your block.

2010-04-16, 10:06 PM
I actually account for most of the fine details later. As unfortunately, my PC's sometimes jump over it, so after geting jumped over some many times, Ive learned to just flow with it.
If they catch me off guard, most likely -Magic did it. but thats very rare.

However, I am very much willing to see any other thought process, etc.
The setting, which I left out.

The world is thrown into war, after X years of fighting a massive undead horde. Secretly cults of Drow as summoning [the much bigger/badder guys] and the tide of war is being swayed. The PC's are Mercenaries sent down by a genesis project from Jace [The main wizard] and he is "renting" them out [as well as others from his home made world of mercenaries] to the Allied forces.

Jace has locked his City in a time-stream which causes time inside to pass by much more rapidly. However, they are not naive of world events, and being wizards AND bored. They are out to make a buck. This however will change as they get attacked [maybe] and must pick a side.

MAGIC, was outlawed from the land. Thru the crusades [think the Christian equivalent] and thus wizards fled. Arcane was still young, so no 9th level I win spells at the time] This is yet another reason why Jace used the time-stream so as to advance the arcane powers. [Currently, only 1 PC may be arcane. and it must be a 2/3 casting class. IE: Bard]

PS: I am finally back from work, and can properly respond to comments now.
Thanks for your help.