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2010-04-16, 11:03 AM
I'm new, but the hello thread appears to be locked, so Hi all!

Alright, on to Awesome Moments in Gaming. As I've been reading different threads and posts, I've noticed that there is Worst GM Mistakes, Stupidest PC decisions, along with others, but yet there is no Awesome Moments thread. Perhaps it is because there are too many to choose from. But I digress.

This is for fun and open to all players or gamemasters who have had an Awesome Moment or other similar and funny events. Most of my experiences are with DnD 3.5, but all others are welcome.

A few Examples from me as a Player:

One of my favorite characters, a Ranger/Reaping Mauler lvl 10 (a decent grappling build, later rebuilt as a Ranger/Crimson Scourge/Reaping Mauler) was with a party that invaded a rakshasa's stronghold that she had set up in a gnomish community's mine (yes, it was a published adventure). I was feeling underpowered next to the goliath barbarian/frenzied berserker (who when criting was dealing 150-200 points of damage) and the blaster cleric who were in the party (the bard was equal with me, roughly). We got into a fight with some Vrocks and I being a grappler, promptly got into a grapple with a Large creature, but my +24 grapple modifier was beating his +22:smallbiggrin: anyway, the vrock and i went back and forth with damage, but when i pinned the vrock and he attempted to escape, he rolled a nat 1. The GM ruled that in his attempt to escape, I choked him and he fell unconcious. My next turn: coup de grace with unarmed strike+armor spikes+earth's embrace+18 str+some bardic inspiration= DC 36 Fort to avoid death for the vrock. the vrock rolled poorly, and died. Thus I have snapped the neck of a vrock with my bare hands.:smallsmile:

Same Reaping Mauler, one level later: we fight our way through a tower of craziness (also a published adventure) and we finally get to the top after battling a hydra, rescuing a succubus and a illithid-mask wearing nymph (under the control of the succubus), and other things. The succubus and nymph are following us, and a spirit naga is guarding the crystal that keeps messing up the teleports that brings everything to the tower. The barbarian/frenzied berserker shatters the crystal with his mercurial greatsword and frees the naga, who leaves. The succubus and the nymph summon vrocks, and a fight breaks out. The cleric blasts the vrock guarding the succubus to kingdom come, and i charge-grapple-bullrush the succubus off a 100-foot tower with 60 hp left. I also take a AoO from the other vrock who hit me for 15, so now i'm down to 45. The other players said, "Why'd you do that?!" I said, "It's cool!" I pinned her in midair so she couldn't fly and had her slam into the ground first. I made my tumble check to reduce falling damage, while convincing the DM that my falling on the succubus would drive my armor spikes through her. She took 11d6 damage, and died on impact. I took 9d6 and walked away with 4 hp. My friends still think this is one of my greatest (but suicidal) moments.:smallwink:

My most recent creations was a half-orc terrorblade. Ranger4/Fighter1/Avenging Executioner2/Menacing Brute2= One mean Intimidation machine. With items and bonuses, (including Vicious, a weapon of legacy), Intimidate was +31(Cha 16, hehe), and i could take 10 on intimidate checks. anyway, we were fighting in Eberron against Emerald Claw soldiers (i know, not that tough). I had Telling Blow, which allows me to deal sneak attack or sudden strike damage on a crit (i used keen kukris and i had a Str 20) and an Avenging Executioner class feature called Bloody Blade: whenever i deal sudden strike damage, all foes within 30ft must make Will save or be shaken. I run up to one soldier, crit him (with sudden strike added in) and kill him. My half-orc raises his arms above his head and roars, "Who else seeks death?!" My GM rolled the 8 Emerald soldiers affected as one save and rolled a nat 1 on the Will save. He ruled that they became panicked instead of shaken and fled from the source of their terror (the half-orc) as quickly as possible. It was a very happy moment for me, :smallsmile:, because that was what he was designed to do.

With a 4E rogue, i had Bait and Switch as an encounter power (which if i hit, i switch places with the creature i hit, and then can shift). I once made made an Acrobatics check to slide between an orc's legs, noting that behind him was a 10 foot drop. My GM allowed me as I slid under him to move into empty air and make my Bait and Switch. I hit and switched spots with the orc who fell to his death. I then shifted down the stairs and proceeded to see what he had in his pockets. Another time, I leapt over a 30 foot deep pit (just the corner, really) and had to stop to attack a foulspawn hulk, so if i missed, i fell. I hit the foulspawn hulk, switched places, and watched him fall 30 feet. He lived, but it made the encounter much easier with him incapacitated for a bit.

As a GM:

I have always wanted to build a solo boss in 3.5 to challenge the entire party, but was never successful. Then I got my hands on Star Wars Saga Edition, and I realized that my day had come. I started my players on Dawn of Defiance, and this married couple that was playing with me wanted to play a set of triplet Force Sensitives, one Lightside, one Darkside, the other would be gray and constantly swayed to one side or the other. The wife wanted to play the Lightsider, who was named Alyss, the husband wanted to be the one playing the balancing act, aptly named Axyss. I asked what about the Darksider? They said he was seduced by the Empire. So i switched Inquistor Valin Draco (Dawn of Defiance's main bad guy) for the triplet brother Abyss. (by the way, the couple came up with the character names, it was awesome). The party went through the adventure and went to a Hutt's palace in the 2nd act. As they were leaving with a rescued hostage, Abyss steps around the land strut of their starship, and basically says, "I've been waiting for you." I should note that the party consisted of 4 Force Sensitives, 3 with levels in Jedi and 1 Soldier Force Sensitive, then there was a Noble and a Scout. The rescued hostage was also a Jedi Master, severely weakened. so, 7 good guys vs 1 bad guy. Easy, huh? I had the last laugh on this one. The heros rush to the attack, lightsabers, blasters, fists and force powers blazing. Abyss did take quite a beating, but the feats and powers i had given him made him effectively immune to Move Object (one Jedi's favorite tactic), as well as letting him take actions on the heroes' turns. Force Scream knocked two heros unconcious, and then the Jedi Master tried using Move Object on Abyss. He Rebuked it, and beat it enough to throw the Jedi Master into a wall, almost killing her (almost GM big mistake: don't kill the (obviously important) Jedi Master NPC). Then Axyss steps up to fight his brother. Axyss crits on the first attack, not so bad, but then he crit a second time on Abyss (Axyss ended up criting 4 times that battle). On the 4th crit, Abyss makes his Negate Energy Use the Force Check. Previously, Abyss had Force Lightning'ed Axyss. I had given Abyss a talent that if he successfully used Negate Energy, he could spend a Force point as a reaction to activate a Force Power in his suite. Abyss had another use of Force Lightning so he blasts Axyss again, reducing him to 9 HP. Note also that Axyss went right before Abyss. On Abyss' turn, he rolls a nat 20 on a Use the Force check, which means he regains all spent Force powers at the end of his turn. Abyss had spent 10 of 15 powers, so he got them all back and was ready to wreck havoc on the PC's again. They ended up running away, but they say that it was one of the toughest and most fun battles that i had ever put them in. Although we have since stopped that campaign, they still want another shot to put Abyss in his place. This has been my Awesomest Moment as GM (Hey, even the GM should win occasionally :smallbiggrin:).

2010-04-16, 04:36 PM
I approve of this thread.

Here's an awesome moment that happened between two of my players when I was DMing, 4e.

They were moving through a (medieval) sewer in pursuit of a villain that had been causing trouble in their city. As they went along killing numerous undead, they stumbled upon a side room that was heavily trapped and had a small chest on a pedestal at the far end.

The rogue in the group decided to try and make it across, considering her background and more than decent acrobatics skill. She successfully made it across the room by herself. She gets the chest open and finds an old bank note stating that the bearer of this note can trade it in for about 1000 gp, which for 2nd level players, is a lot.

The catch is that she would have to travel quite far away to a very dangerous region, a place that her character happened to be familiar with based on her back story.

Being quite fond of money, but not sure when she'd be able to give the group the slip, the rogue decides to lie about the contents of the note. The other party members don't trust the rogue (in character) so I have them roll insight checks vs. the rogue's bluff check.

One by one the other players roll insight checks that are too low to perceive that the rogue is lying. Finally it comes down to the group's deva cleric, a naive and wholly innocent character. I calculate, and mention to the deva's player, that she needed at least an 18 (I think) to pass the bluff check.

Wouldn't you know it, she rolled an 18. This lead to a nice uproar for a moment.

2010-04-16, 05:16 PM
Here are a few experiences in my D&D experience:

Our DM forgot our character sheets so he set his dungeon tiles into a huge dungeon and used most of his mini's to create an impossible dungoen (fiendish tyranosaurus and many smaller things) for lvl 1 pc's, I know, wtf...

Well anyway we started in a small room that was empty, we decided to move on to the next room while happened to contained a few kobold's, which we could handle. Our druid moved and... oh look! a pit trap in the doorway! Our druid plummited to the bottom. Next up was me, our cleric, I quickly moved up and cast enlarge person on myself. Next turn I tied a rope around myself and threw it to the druid, who preceeded to climb up. Not a super awesome feat of coolness but a nice bit of improve on my part.

A round later:
One of our wizards preceeded to jump the pit ( the pit may have been spiked, can't remember) and landed on a kobold, pinning him. Next round he preceeded to rape (sorry, but it was kinda funny) the kobold, rolling a natural 20 on the rape check (we thus banned rape checks after this game) and then coup-de-gra'd the kobold, he still has the head.

Two sessions ago:
We were on a lightning rail fighting halflings riding glidewing's. This is a published ebberon campaign, the one that involves a vampire name Luncen (think thats how it's spelled.) our lvl 4 favored soul killed a halfling, jumped on his glidewing, and went up to fight the vampire's sister in her attempt to flee. He killed her a few rounds later and just as two glidewings attempted to flee our kender rouge and I (4th lvl cleric) jumped on them and brought them under control. Not really epic but we now all have flying mounts and a ton of loot that is about to get us a ton of cash.

I know the above are not all THAT amazing but hey, it was funny whe they happened.

2010-04-16, 05:42 PM
I ran a modern game using Saga rules some weeks ago. The two PCs had the mission to sneek into a building, grab a laptop, and be gone without anyone noticing if possible.

Player A decided to take out a guard with a knife but got noticed. The guard tried to get his rifle from his shoulder, so player A throw his knife at him, but missed. Player B tried to save the situation with his silenced rifle, but also missed, and the guard shouted for help before being taken down with an SMG.
The PCs tried to get cover in a ditch and a firefight started as more guards came running. Player A throw some grenades, and at that point it would have too much of a stretch to not have the guards use the same tactic.
Player A got killed rather quickly, but Player B was already trying to sneak into a good sniping position, so he survived the grenades. The noise of the grenades had allerted all the other patrols in the area so it was Player B against 8 to 10 guards on allert. But somehow his luck changed at that point and he ran to a nearby forest that gave him good concealment to shot enough of them to make the other retreat to the building. I made the mistake of having all the guards take position at windows facing the forest, so player B snuck around the back and ended up directly under one of the shattered windows the guards were using for cover. He just throw two grenades inside and killed them all. Then he climbed through the window, went to the computer room in the back, grabbed the notebook and was out with in before the trucks with the reinforcements arrived.

Given that it was supposed to be a stealth mission, it was a complete failure, but the player really had massive luck and managed to fulfill the main objective alone and with all the guards on allert.

Shas aia Toriia
2010-04-16, 06:28 PM
Just so you know, the reason that there isn't really an "Awesome" thread like this is because there tend not to be as many cases of them happening, unlike people being stupid, which is quite common.

These do pop up from time to time, so I'm not just making this stuff up.

2010-04-16, 07:43 PM
A little back story first. There was one chirstmas in which the DM thought he would let every character have 5 maxed out rolls for the characters life span (no way of getting any back, ever). Several months passed and none of these were used save for leveling hitpoints.
Anyway, in AD&D our party was on the fifth plane of hell, stygia getting something we really needed. We had a few close calls but no deaths. We make it to this one room with Garyon's head people inside. Combat broke out and so forth, but in the middle of it Garyon himself entered, had a brief stint of roleplaying, and combat started again. But here is where one of our players shined. First round of new combat, our ranger called this action. "Called shot(from christmas), natural 20, arrow of devil slaying at Garyon." Our DM laughed and asked what the character's action really was. Again, called shot, natural 20, arrow of devil slaying aimed at Garyon. So gone was Garyon, lord of the fifth from existance permantly. He got the arrow several years before and never spoke of it so our DM couldn't try to get rid of it.
That ranger is gone now, trapped on the ninth by the Big A. We are still planning how to get him back but there is a slight thing of do we really want to tick of the Big A more?

2010-04-17, 04:33 AM
I've got quite a cool monster planned for the PCs. A Vampire Drow Ranger, hiding in the ceiling of a room (all those modifiers to Listen, and two of the PCs wearing full plate - he knows they're coming). He drops down and grapples the first unfortunate in the room, then hopefully pins and begins doing d4 constitution. Even in a straight fight, he has Drow Poison on his rapiers (to knock unconscious), DR, fast healing, spell-like abilities and inflicts 2 negative levels with his slam. Ought to be goood :smallsmile:

2010-04-17, 09:44 AM
One of my players fought greenspawn by cutting down a tree with a greataxe, crushing one, then throwing bits of the tree at the others. The other two got away, but he was really happy about that.

2010-04-24, 02:35 PM
Just started running a new campaign today, and there were actually a few fairly impressive moments. Firstly, the barbarian's backflip off a collapsing acid pit trap (despite wearing full plate). Secondly, the same barbarian kicking through a door and charging a bearded devil (this moment led me to come to these forums pleading for aid as to how to avoid watching my encounters be slaughtered). He's using spiked armour, and: (gore warning)

puched his hand straight through the devil's stomach and out his back, holding his spine, before pulling his hand back and up through it's ribcage.

Needless to say, one-hit-kill.

Finally, the pirate using a grappling hook to tarzan swing across a pit and over a fire trap was impressive.

2010-04-25, 06:41 PM
I've had two that I'm proud of and already posted about:

On Heroism:

On Teh Funny:

Also, in a 4.0 game, I played a resourceful warlord whose motto is essentially "By any means necessary". We were facing off against a shadow dragon and the DM was cheating like hell. Not even in a fun way. Nobody was enjoying the fight in the least. AFter a while, I discovered that my character could only hit the target on a 15 or above and the DM was doing his best to prevent me from using Commander's Strike (because I'd used it very effectively beforehand and he was getting pissed off by it). So, in frustration, as the dragon hid out in three different zones of shadow, I had my warlord turn to the barbarian and warden and say simply "When you hear me scream, that's where the dragon is." I charge directly into the nearest zone of shadow and lo and behold, I find the dragon, who gets to attack the crap out of me. I bellow "Its over here!" as I drop unconscious.

My plan succeeded. Not JUST because I found the dragon, but because the DM though HE had won. He laughed and mocked me for the rest of the night, even after the team ran up to the dragon's location and tore the bejesus out of it.

"What the hell were you doing? You idiot. I can't believe you'd run into the dark with a dragon in there! Moron." etc. etc. My only response was:

"By any means necessary."

Gwyn chan 'r Gwyll
2010-04-25, 06:44 PM
Ok, I had it bookmarked, where is it...

Here (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=116836) it is!

yes, I mean that entire thread. Yes, it really is just the story of 2 and a bit full campaigns by one person. Yes, both campaigns are fully and utterly Awesome Moments in Gaming. Yes, they should be required reading.

2010-04-25, 07:02 PM
Just started running a new campaign today, and there were actually a few fairly impressive moments. Firstly, the barbarian's backflip off a collapsing acid pit trap (despite wearing full plate). Secondly, the same barbarian kicking through a door and charging a bearded devil (this moment led me to come to these forums pleading for aid as to how to avoid watching my encounters be slaughtered). He's using spiked armour, and: (gore warning)

puched his hand straight through the devil's stomach and out his back, holding his spine, before pulling his hand back and up through it's ribcage..

He is Ricky-Oh!

2010-04-25, 07:51 PM
My only crowning moment of awesome was in a DnD campaign on these boards. As a 1st level commoner (special leveling system, the game may or may not be dead, the DM has vanished, but we haven't given up yet) I'm tending to sheep. Some of the other PCs are on the edge of the flock, on the other side of the fence, while I'm inside with the sheep. Some wolves stalk out of the woods to pick off a sheep or two, and the other PCs are unwilling to engage them. One of the PCs has his pet flying squirrel get a couple of the wolves to chase him back into the woods, but that still leaves three wolves, and two PCs unwilling to fight. My character is young, and quite rash, so when I finally notice the wolves, I run to the fence, vault it, and then charge the nearest wolf, running my spear clear through it's skull, and scaring off the other two wolves.:smallbiggrin:

2010-04-25, 08:37 PM
Our Deep Gnome rogue, who is impossible to see, and almost impossible to hit, gets nat 20'd on a grapple check by a Kuo-toa(sry mispelled) leviathan. It "Swallow Whole"s her. On her turn she promptly rolls a nat 20 and sticks the beast in the stomach and cuts her way out of its chest, bursting out in a shower of blood and bile.

Later in the same game:

My cleric and the party I was with were in a dwarven tomb looking for some loot to pay off a debt, and we find this really cool looking adamantine mace. Due to a lack of foresight, we have no identify spells. As we are discussing our problem a twenty foot tall statue comes to life and attacks us. I pick the mace and roll a nat 20. The golem explodes. we find out later that its a mace of smiting.

2010-04-25, 08:38 PM
3.5 game, we're all level 3, but I'm level 2. I traded out some XP for stat bonuses.

So, after the first combat I'm all but out of spells(Prestidigitationx2, Lightx2) but we press on. At this point it should be noted that I have no weapon. None. So, I grab a spade from a garden we pass through to get into the dungeon-house where the guy we're supposed to rescue is being held captive.

So, we fight this big snake (I deal 3 damage via spade) and I disable two traps with a view pieces of snake tail and one of my Prestigs. Now, this may not be as crazy-awesome as some other things are, but I consider having gone through half the adventure as a level 2 commoner who can cast light and prestidigitation and still doing quite well pretty awesome.

Also, in a 5th level game I'm DMing, the first hit by a random mook gets crital hit, max damage, brings the Soulknife into negatives. If I had calculated the damage right, though, he'd be dead.

In a level 21 campaign, in the first combat encounter I(playing a sorceress) was able to kill 3 of the 6 enemies with a single spell. Offset by my failing at hitting and spell resistance penetrating for the rest of the encounter...