View Full Version : Questions about Reincarnate

Ranger Mattos
2010-04-17, 12:56 PM
I have two:

1. What would happen if you became a race with LA or Racial HD? Would you have to take them?

2. Would you lose a Bloodline? If so, would you just not be able to gain any more benefits, or lose the whole thing, including anything you have already gotten?

2010-04-17, 12:59 PM
these aren't things covered by the rules. so I wrote up a few extra tables to cover the LA (say, an LA 2 drow could become a half-fey human,or a half-ogre, as long as LA and class levels stay the same) and bloodlines have never come up for me. If pressed, I'd say roll for a different bloodline of equivalent strength, but I don't think I'd allow them in the first place.

2010-04-17, 01:36 PM
I'd say its just like picking up a template mid-campaign (e.g. Saint.) Your ECL becomes higher than that of your party, which causes you to gain less exp than they do, allowing them to catch up.

2010-04-17, 01:46 PM
I say since it doesn't mention it and says don't change lv: no HD or LA.

But it can argued either way (although much evidence leads to no change to Hd/LA).