View Full Version : What would you do with 100,000g? (3.5e)

2010-04-17, 01:08 PM
Lets say you have a shop with any magic item you wanted, no price limit, and the merchandise is being sold for the price listed in all the various item sources.
The only limit is the gold in your pocket, 100,000 gp.

So what do you buy? (No source book is barred).

What is your decision making process?

Upgrade current items, buy an individual strong item, lots of little ones?

Based on your class/level?

Perhaps a mixture of permanent and charged items?

Let your imaginaton run riot, but explain your choices!

Keld Denar
2010-04-17, 01:13 PM
You talking IRL?

Amulet of Detect Thoughts for sure. Maybe a Skin of the Proteus just to be able to shapeshift. Um...Ring of Invisibilty as well, and probably round it out with Boots of Big Stepping. 3/day Teleport would be useful for going on vacation...

If not, it would really depend on the character. Most melee characters would pick up +stat items, weapon upgardes, short range teleport, some form of on demand True Sight (like a Scout's Headband), resistance, Freedom of Movement if I can afford it, and anything else that can shore up vulnerabilities.

For a caster, probably +casting stat and +con, short range teleport, new spells (if needed), couple low level Pearls of Power for spamable spells, resistance, Circlet of Rapid Casting, and a Lesser MM Rod of Extend.

2010-04-17, 01:13 PM


What's the going rate on artificers? I believe it's based on HD and marketable skills, right?

2010-04-17, 01:16 PM
Candle of invocation. Rent a smelter with the some more, and make a statue out of the rest while I get whatever else I want via wishes.

2010-04-17, 01:16 PM

I would sleep on a bed of coins, because I am a dragon.

2010-04-17, 01:26 PM
If I have 100,000 gp in my pocket, I want to know where I got my pants!
Seriously, as I have at least 2.26796185 tonnes of metal in my pocket.:smallbiggrin:

2010-04-17, 01:31 PM
Ring of Wizardry, pearls of power, maybe +5 Tome of Clear Thoughts (maybe several :smallbiggrin:)

2010-04-17, 01:31 PM
So what do you buy? (So source book is barred).

I'm going to assume you meant "'No' source book is barres."

Off the top of my head my choice would be an ring of invisibility just because of all the cool stuff I could do while invisible. After that I'd go with boots of flight because flying would also be cool and allow me go place I wouldn't normally be able to go. I'm going to have to check actual source books though to give you guys a better answer.

2010-04-17, 02:35 PM
Just from the SRD...

Instant Fortress-- home is wherever I go.

Handy Haversack-- it'd be nice to not have to dig in my backpack all the time for stuff at college.

Lyre of Building: I'd have to learn to play, of course, but being able to build stuff on demand would be nice.

Periapt of Health/Ring of Regeration: As a nursing student, it'd be nice to be either immune to disease or able to regenerate wounds/lost limbs.

2010-04-17, 02:39 PM
If I have 100,000 gp in my pocket, I want to know where I got my pants!
Seriously, as I have at least 2.26796185 tonnes of metal in my pocket.:smallbiggrin:

Handy Pants.
Pants of Holding.
Pants Hole.

Why do these sound dirty?

Personally, I would get a tome for my primary stat of the highest I could afford(probably +3)

2010-04-17, 03:08 PM
Ring of Sustenance -only need to sleep for two hours and feel absolutely rested
donīt need to eat or drink but still could for the enjoyment of food... awesome ^^

Ring of regeneration - self explenatory I guess

2010-04-17, 04:36 PM
Ring of three wishes and change.
Sure, I potentially lose a bit of money. But the versatility is beauty!

2010-04-17, 04:37 PM
Depends on what I have and what I need, of course. Assuming we're talking about a character. Build determines most and other items determine the rest.

2010-04-17, 07:24 PM
Ironically, I just drew from a Deck of Many Things and got 100k in gems.

I have a shaper/constructor 11, am about 3 levels behind the rest of the party (I just joined on), and I may or may not be able to actually spend those gems (though I hope I can, since I'm also way behind WBL for a level 14 group).

Here's what I'm hoping to get:

Upgrade goggles of Int +2 to +6 (32,000g)
Upgrade vest of Resist +3 to +5 (16,000g)
A stone of good luck [luckstone] (20,000g)
An ioun stone, pale green prism (30,000g)
An upgrade to my 3 chronocharms [uncaring archmage, horizon walker, celestial wanderer] to 3/day each (2,000g?)

I'd get a boost to Con, but who knows what will happen when I get my claws on the metamorphosis power?

Boosting my saves is a major priority, since a single botched save can easily kill you (or worse). I'm basically ignoring my AC (since I've got inertial armor and share pain/vigor), but I want my Int and saves as high as I can get them.

2010-04-17, 08:37 PM
A Golden Apple. Ultimate Equipment Guide, Volume 2.

One apple later, and I am immortal. I will never age. It's expensive as hell, but IRL, that's about as useful as it gets.

In game? In a game I'm currently playing even? Well that'd be a nice start on the tower I'm building, from which to rule this land with my hordes of undead.

Divide by Zero
2010-04-17, 08:43 PM
Ring of Sustenance -only need to sleep for two hours and feel absolutely rested

I do this anyway. I blame college.

2010-04-17, 10:15 PM
Do... Do they have to be magic items?

'Cause that could buy me 33,333 and a third rubber balls.

Setting aside that, the Candles of Invocations, and the inevitable "transform it into copper pieces and crush all opposition," let's see... *Googles character optimization topics* Okay, let's go with a Hand of the Mage, a Belt of Many Pockets, a Hat of Anonymity, a Monocle of Perusal, some Boots of Big Stepping, a pair of Taarnahm the Vigilant's gloves, a Ring of Sustenance, a Ring of Arming, the Decanter of Endless Water, and, um... Take the rest on a gift card? Probably the rest would go to some sort of weapon, depending on the class. Though in hindsight, it'd probably be better to figure out the weapon first, then the other stuff.

2010-04-17, 10:18 PM
A nice lakeside villa, a few golems on patrol for it, and a nice, fully stocked library.

2010-04-17, 10:19 PM
Buy many candles of invocation, bind genies to my service; infinite wishes for me. Win at everything.

Invest in planar economies, manipulate them so it always benefits me, retire to a nice planar layer; Celestia looks good.

Buy ring gates, chain-gate solars. Win at everything.