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2010-04-18, 02:02 PM
Heya Guys,

Im running a short adventure for some friends and I have the main idea set, but was hoping for a little help with a detail. Im running this as a high lethality game with some tough fights, and I want to start it out with a gauging fight. The running gag in this adventure is that everything is an abberration for the most part. The main boss and his flunkies, and his "experiments" that the party will meet early on.

I have an idea of using the half far realms template and the pseudonatural template and just making them abberations since thats what they should be anyway IMO. I want the first fight to be many altered low CR enemies, coming en-masse to give a feeling of overwhelming odds and hopeless numbers. I intend to send them in groups and waves so I can cut them off at the right moment, but I'm not sure just what monster to use. Animals? Altered humanoids? I just want them to be easy to kill so the party is killing them with ease, but due to the true strike SLA, still taking hits and feeling like there is no end in sight.


2010-04-18, 02:09 PM
Elans are Aberrations, and they advance by class (no RHD). So you can start from the ground up with the real deal.