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2010-04-18, 02:36 PM
I am starting to consider a character for a new Pathfinder game that I will be joining, and wanted to see what help the playgrounders could give. Thanks in advance for your help. :smallsmile:

The concept is a bumbling guy who most everyone thinks is crazy, but is really, really lucky. A Cleric with the Madness and Luck domains springs to mind, but any more creative interpretations are welcome. :smallsmile:

Any Pathfinder race can be used. Some conversation from 3.5 books to Pathfinder is allowed.

Thanks again for the help.

2010-04-18, 03:06 PM
Other than CSc, I don't think there's much in the terms of a "Luck" mechanic anywhere in D&D.
When you think about it, though, there's no difference, mechanically, when rolling a crit, between:
Expertly penetrating your enemy's defenses and delivering a killing blow, and
Tripping over a rock and putting your sword through it's face.

If you want to Clouseau your way through your adventures, I'd think it's more of an RP thing than anything else, and can be applied to just about any class.

Do you have any other thoughts on the character other than "Lucky?" Like, how you want to contribute in combat or out of combat?