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2010-04-18, 07:23 PM
So, today we conclued our D&D campaign. We had assembled a huge army with members of every race present to help with our quest into the ancient temple that mind flayers had infested. This resulted in us finding a magical bible so holy that it auto-kills any undead that come near it. We also found a magic missile. Not like, the spell magic missile, but an actual missile. The primary looming threat of the campaign was a giant comet of undeath coming from the sky. So I had my friend stand on top of the rocket while I launched it, with the intention of having it fly to the comet and then he'd punch it. Then, when he was about halfway there, he realized his spear had a Changling crystal in it; he took the crystal out of the spear and put it into the bible so that it turned into a spear, and then prepared to stab the undeath comet with a spear made of holy bible. Then, as he flew, I sent a psychic message to everyone, saying "Look to the sky; atop that flaming streak is a man, and that man is going to save the world. He is your champion, your hero, your paragon, and your redemption. Believe." resulting in him receiving an instant promotion to demi-god.

2010-04-18, 07:26 PM
Oh my.

Well, that sounds pretty cool.

At first I thought this was a continuation of another thread with the same title.

2010-04-18, 07:29 PM
Same here, and I had a double take when I realized that this thread wasn't being sarcastic. Nice image.

2010-04-18, 07:30 PM
Given that we were level 10 when the session started, the fact that we reached Epic was a surprise to everyone.

2010-04-18, 07:31 PM
Be prepared to change your title. I hear a certain gunslinger doesn't tolerate even the slightest profanity.

2010-04-18, 07:33 PM
Be prepared to change your title. I hear a certain gunslinger doesn't tolerate even the slightest profanity.

You mean the same one that never sleeps and is no longer human?

On topic: Nice. If something that amazing happened during my campaign, well, screw the rules saying that you can only level up once, they're more like guidelines, really...and I have money am the DM!

2010-04-18, 07:33 PM
Be prepared to change your title. I hear a certain gunslinger doesn't tolerate even the slightest profanity.

Oh dear I hadn't thought of that

The Vorpal Tribble
2010-04-18, 07:34 PM
That's laughably epic. Thanks for the grin on my face :smallbiggrin:

2010-04-18, 08:55 PM
My GM allowed multiple level ups.

In one session, our party (a ranger, a cleric, a mindblade/rogue and me a dungeoncrasher), we are all level 7, on our way to investigate a crash of a meteor. All in all we encountered 10 CR 9 monsters, coming in waves of 2, which we proceeded to slaughter all of them. We have the ranger take pot shots till they come close cause the monster are all melee. Then me smash them back while the mindblade/rogue and the cleric stay behind me. The cleric heals and blast with his spells and the mindblade/rogue steps front stabs and retreat back using his spring attack when the monsters came in close.

After that we leveled 3 levels. And sadly the game ends after that cause the GM discovered he forgot to utilized his monster fully as he forgot about their abilities. He just starts another campaign.

2010-04-18, 09:06 PM
I wish my gms leveled me that quickly. Or allowed promotions to divine rank. I have never played a campaign through to epic level. I have hopes for the campaign I'm in now, but he's only leveling us at a rate of one every five weeks or so.

That is extremely epic. I assume it worked and the comet was turned away? lol

Dante & Vergil
2010-04-18, 11:48 PM
I have read many things in gaming experiences that were ment to be comical, and I thought most of them were, but none of them from my memory made 'laugh out loud' in real life as much as this story has.