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2010-04-19, 12:15 PM
If a warforged were to take Vow of Poverty could he have his armor enchanted or would that break his oath?

Would this extend to items attached to his body thanks to being a warforged?

2010-04-19, 12:18 PM
As long as it's a magic item or weapon (which I'm 99% certain Warforged components are), I believe it interferes with VoP. Sorry.

2010-04-19, 12:22 PM
If he paid someone to enchant his armor then absolutely. If someone offered it as a reward for services rendered, then still yes. If he suddenly discovers that it has been enchanted by some divine power then no.
Basically if someone is using resources on him that they could be using on anything else he should object.

As far as the attached equipment, anything that's removable would violate it. If you're getting the stuff via feats then you're kind of growing it or something and it would be fine.

2010-04-19, 12:25 PM
All warforged components violate VoP, as does having his armor enchanted. In fact, it's probably going to violate VoP should any existing enchantments go active.

As with all of the BoED, VoP needs a certain amount of DM fiat to keep it from being ridiculously restrictive. Case in point: VoP characters cannot by RAW use doorknobs, bridges, or roads, as they'd be making use of an item worth more than 1 gp and not on the approved list.

2010-04-19, 12:33 PM
as long as your composite plate (or adamantine or mithrall, or whatever it is) is not enchanted, you have nothing to fear. if he gets it enchanted, then that becomes a problem

2010-04-19, 01:10 PM
my new favorite oxymoron (even above military intelegence):
VoP Warforged.

lol, that's funny.

a warforged is made of components worth more than one GP, even the worst, unimproved warforged are. any gear, pulley, axle, armor plate, hydrolic muscle, ect. is worth more than one GP. thier existance violated thier VoP.

2010-04-19, 01:16 PM
That's like saying catfolk are naturally disqualified because they're made of violin strings.:smalltongue:

2010-04-19, 01:19 PM
And wouldn't that invalidate any creature, assuming they're not so worthless that the sum of everything they contain physically is worth less than 1 gp.

2010-04-19, 01:21 PM
And wouldn't that invalidate any creature, assuming they're not so worthless that the sum of everything they contain physically is worth less than 1 gp.

Looks like gnomes are fine!

PS: Halflings are delicious!

2010-04-19, 01:35 PM
A similar problem occurs when you try to deal with VoP characters suffering severe blood loss: you end up with a character wearing a significant value in blood, which of course violates the Vow.

This is like making the Paladin fall, only with the RAW giving him a shove with a battering ram.

2010-04-19, 01:37 PM
Lets go on the assumption that the parts that your made of that didn't come from someone else don't count. so with biological creatures, by the time they reach adventuring age, they don't have a cell in thier bodies that still comes directly from thier momma. with warforged, every gear came from somewhere, and was not created by thier own... um... what's the word... biological processes. a wizard constructed it from countless gears, which were built either by the wizard or someone else. these gears do not "die", and fall off (like living cells), and are not replaced by new gears formed inside the warforged, so they all came from somewere, but for humans, gnomes, elves, catladies, ect., thier cells die, and are replaced. they are therefore ignored by VoP.

Heh, heh... VoP warforged. I'll have to remember that one.