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2010-04-19, 07:56 PM
I am not sure if a request currently devoid of content is appropriate for posting in this forum, so if I am in error please tell me, but I ask if the existence of the aforementioned psionic archivist class is a possibility, in the same vein as the psionic artificer is a variant artificer.

Obviously certain knowledge skills would have to be changed, but would it be possible to adapt the power progression? I can only assume use of the erudite power progression would be unbalancing, as it would make a T1 class even more powerful. Would standard psion power progression work?

Any ideas on how to adapt such a class to use psionics as a source of power would be much appreciated.

2010-04-19, 08:16 PM
To clarify, what exactly do you want from a "psionic archivist?" Would it just be a psion with Dark Knowledge, or do you also want it to be able to learn psionic powers from other sources like an archivist learns divine spells from scrolls?

2010-04-19, 08:24 PM
The most implementable solution would probably be a psion with Dark Knowledge instead of their feat progression, but part of the archivist is its ability to absorb power, and I'd hate to lose that if I could find a solution short of the erudite.

So the former if the latter is not balanced for T1

Edit: a possible solution occurs. Perhaps a maximum power capacity for powers known of each level equal to the psionic archivist's level minus the minimum level at which a psion may learn the power, with discipline powers treated as one level higher than normal? Under this system, a sixth-level psionic archivist would have 6-1 = 5 bonus first-level powers, 6-3 = 3 bonus second-level powers, and 6-5 = 1 bonus third level power known.