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2010-04-20, 12:13 AM
Given that one of the artificers main perks is the ability to take spells from other classes spell lists, I was wonduring what the playground thought were good spells to use in this way. Well?

Sinfire Titan
2010-04-20, 01:29 AM
There's a 1st level version of Haste in the Trapsmith class from Dungeonscape. 1st level Wands of Haste are really good if you don't mind concentrating on them a bit.

Adepts get Heal as a 5th level spell. Makes it much more useful in a Minor Schema (Magic of Eberron) or staff.

Doc Roc
2010-04-20, 01:36 AM
Basically, Minor Schemas are fantastic, and take the artificer from great to impeccable. My recommendations for spells:

Darkbolt, from the Teflammar Shadowlord. The spell was updated in the SpC, and is a 3rd level spell for the shadowlord, as opposed to a fifth level spell.

Almost anything from the moon domain is amazing, SpC again.

Seconding trapsmith haste.

Pronouncement Of Fate from Heroes of Horror is a superb and overlooked spell.

2010-04-20, 01:47 AM
check the spell compendium for low level Ranger, Paladin and Blackguard spells

some of the spells Rangers get at their 1st spell level are 4th lvl spells for druids

The Cat Goddess
2010-04-20, 03:34 AM
Telflammar Shadowlord (Shining South)