View Full Version : Crafting if you don't use XP?

2010-04-20, 12:31 PM
If you don't use XP in your games, how do you handle the additional crafting cost?

2010-04-20, 12:38 PM
XP*10 as gold. We do the same thing for XP costs for other spells, except as additional material components.

2010-04-20, 12:51 PM
I change crafting requirements to a total of 3/4 market price in gold instead of 1/2 cost in gold + 1/25 cost in XP.

2010-04-20, 12:55 PM
My last DM gave the item Crafter negative levels for a while, which wore off over time.

I think he just eyeballed the quantity and duration of the negative levels, rather than having any true formula to guide them. It was things like, if you make a minor potion or scroll, you only get one negative level, and it lasts for perhaps half a day. If you make a Handy Haversack, one negative level for perhaps two days. If you make a +4-equivalent weapon, three negative levels; they wear off at a rate of one per two days.

Mind you, in-character down time was a significant drawback in this campaign. Not so much because the main story was on a time crunch ... more like, if you didn't do something interesting for a couple days, the party druid was likely to get bored and wander off and get us all into trouble. :smallamused: