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The Pressman
2010-04-20, 08:40 PM
So here's an idea:

A vast war has embroiled a land for decades, and the winds of battle have finally slowed. The group of adventurers have been working together since their town was razed to the ground by the enemy. However, they hear news of a new settlement, far(insert direction) of their ancestral home. Their town was a simple settlement in the middle of a vast forest, the (insert generic forest name here). They decided to go off towards that, but, (PLOTPLOTPLOT).

Any ideas for the PLOTPLOTPLOT?

2010-04-20, 08:45 PM
Well, their town was destroyed by enemies, so presumably the forest will be teeming with enemy scouts and bandits preying on the villagers. Alternately, the villagers have risen as undead, perhaps raised by one of the army guys (because you don't fight a decades-long war without a way to resupply troops). Maybe they have been acting behind enemy lines and now need to cross the front to get "home"?

2010-04-20, 08:47 PM
I'm not sure which part of this you want our help with. Does the village need to be special? Do you want ideas for a location-based campaign set in the village that the PCs are turning into their new (and more fortified) home? Should there be obstacles in the way, the quest being to get to the village?

The Pressman
2010-04-20, 08:54 PM
What I mostly want is the plot following their egress, and what kind of subtle plot hooks I could put in the forest for them to find.