View Full Version : Patchwork Armor 3.x (Help me!)

2010-04-20, 09:07 PM
I already posted this before, but apparently in the wrong place. I am looking for someone who can tell me where I can find the rules regarding the creation and properties of a patchwork armor in 3.x.

2010-04-20, 09:45 PM
Bump! Weee!

2010-04-20, 09:46 PM
Could you give some more information? I don't know what "Patchwork Armor" is.

2010-04-20, 09:47 PM
Planar handbook, if you're talking about armor which can be put on or taken off in separate bits.

Deth Muncher
2010-04-20, 10:13 PM
Also, Bumping is severely frowned upon here. If no one responds to it in a day, maybe repost then with more information.