View Full Version : The Ash (work in progress)

2010-04-23, 10:43 AM
I've recently decided to make a homebrew campaign setting entitled ASH. In this setting a large continent has been taken over and ravaged by an extremely high level (paragon) vampire lord. He then proceeded to use a permanent epic spell to surround the entire continent (and a good amount of ocean) with a dome of ash, thus blocking the sun. Evil creatures such as Drow, Orcs, and undead now roam freely in the area.

I now need help with the epic spell in question (no need to worry about spellcraft DC) and i need help with a concept for a neutral paladin that uses both blackguard abilities and normal paladin abilities. any ideas or constructive criticism is welcome:smallbiggrin:

2010-04-23, 07:38 PM
The blackguard abilities are mostly evil spells and controlling undead sort of thing. Not the poison and sneak attack and all that. I can post the vampire lord if someone will help me with a table though, it's all written out to be a CR 80+ being with only one minor artifact. The campaign is going to be high magic at least at epic and above.

2010-04-23, 08:55 PM
I have a friend who ran a gestalt campaign with the sun being blocked off and the world swarming with undead. I`m sure he could give you some help. His username is Kyrthain.