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John Cribati
2010-04-23, 11:01 PM
I got the cool idea to have a game where all the adventurers are half-breed, and I'm trying to make a table with the template. That's where you guys come in. How does it look?
{table]Inherited from one parent|Inherited from the other| Inherited From Both
Size, height,weight|Hair, skin, and eye color|Ability Score Mods
Racial bonus on checks|Racial Bonus on saves |Spell-like abilities
Special Vision qualities (Darkvision, Low-light Vision, Dazzled in bright light, etc.), if any |Dodge Bonus to Armor class, if any| Weapon Familiarity
||And any other abilities not specifically mentioned here.[/table]

NOTE: Half-(Father's Race) (Mother's Race)
For example, a Half-Dwarf Gnome would have -2 STR, -2 CHA, and +4 CON (+2 from both gnome and Dwarf), and be able to speak Common, Dwarf, and Gnome. He could inherit his mother's +2 racial bonus on Listen checks and +2 racial bonus on Craft (alchemy) checks, OR his father's racial bonuses on Appraise and Craft checks (stonecunning too, as it's based on Search Checks), but not both. If he inherits his mother's check bonuses, he gets his father's save bonuses, and vice-versa. If he inherits his father's Darkvision, he'd inherit his mother's s Dodge bonus to AC. He'd be able to treat dwarven waraxes and urgroshes, and gnome hooked hammers as martial weapons rather than exotic ones, and he'd have two favored classes: Fighter AND Bard.

2010-04-24, 05:03 AM
At first glance, it seems fine. I'm not the expert on balance and min-maxing, though. Threre could exist combinations that are broken with this method (but that applies to everything, I guess).

2010-04-24, 09:02 AM
This will sound creepy, but it was among the collection of PDF books I got from a friend. It was labled D&D 3e - Book of Sex. It may not apply exactly to half TEMPLATES, but it has a huge long section later in the book about what a pregnant female character can go through, deal with, have extra, and what kind of abilities and stats the child would have based on the parents. We ran a campaign once where the DM actually used this book (chick DM, was interesting having her using this evil tome!) and she used her drow NPC to seduce a half dragon fighter and she got knocked up o.0 Yeah, the book is that detailed, but we actually made the full stat blocks for what the TWINS would have for stats as adults. Very VERY detailed for that.

Might give you something to start with for half-templating.