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2010-04-24, 11:51 PM
Almost a year ago I tried to create an RPG from scratch with some people from this forum. Didn't work, but I tried to finish myself the basic core mechanics. I thought about making it an open RPG, in the sense that it has no story or setting just provides rules and options to play.

A .doc file can be found here (http://uploading.com/files/7ddcf9a4/17thCORPG.doc/). It is under the OGL (http://www.opengamingfoundation.org/ogl.html)

I called it 17th Century Open RPG.
Technically you can play from medieval times till the beginning of th 19th century.

The idea is to achieve
1) Correct simulation so the game mechanics match the actions taken by the characters. In other words, provide realism.
2) Simplicity. The game has to be simple and fun, since it is intended to be for pen and paper.
3) Provide a variety of options so you can play all possible characters.

It is not complete as you can see. Somethings might be missing, grammar and syntax might be bad. I don't have time anymore to complete this project. Anybody that likes it is welcome to continue or just use it in whatever way. In that case I could help and give my ideas.

I would really like to hear some opinions, though I know that reading all those pages isn't that appealing.

Personally I like the result but should have written down some abilities to provide some examples...