View Full Version : [Exalted] 1e and the 2e battle wheel

2010-04-26, 02:40 PM
I've played Exalted 1e but have heard good things about the battle wheel used with 2e. Before I go all-out on the research I was hoping someone could give me an idea of how easy it'd be to convert and use the battle wheel in 1e?

I'm also open to suggestions and ideas if someone has already done the work:smallbiggrin:

note: I don't know much about 2e.

2010-04-26, 04:30 PM
It's not really necessary/possible.

To explain fully, Exalted 2e doesn't use the same combat system as 1e. Instead, it works a lot like Final Fantasy Tactics:

Step #1) Everyone rolls Wits + Awareness
Step #2) The person with the best roll acts on Tick 0
Step #3) Everyone else acts based on how far behind the guy who won they rolled (for example, if Al rolls 8 successes and Betty rolls 5 successes, Al goes on Tick 0 and Betty goes on Tick 3). No one goes later than Tick 6.
Step #4) Whenever you act, your next action is determined by the action you take (example: Daiklave attacks are Speed 5. If Al attacks Betty with a daiklave, he goes next on Tick 5.)

Essentially, it's a rough simulation of real-time combat instead of turn-based combat.

This can be a bit tricky to track, so the battlewheel was invented. It's a giant wheel with seven sections (nothing in the game is slower than Speed 6). Whenever you act, you move your counter ahead the right number of spots on the wheel. It makes sure that people don't get forgotten, basically.