View Full Version : (PF) Gnome Fighter

2010-04-26, 04:16 PM
I want to build a Gnome Fighter for a Pathfinder game inspired by the Blade Bravo from RoS. My DM wants me to try to build it using PF Core before he tries to convert Blade Bravo.

I figured Duelist would be a fitting class and came up with a simple 15 Lvl build:

Ftr 1 Dodge, Weapon Finesse
Ftr 2 Weapon Focus
Ftr 3 Improved Initiative
Ftr 4 Weapon Specialization
Ftr 5 Mobility
Ftr 6 Spring Attack
Duel 1 Two-Weapon Fighting
Duel 2
Duel 3 Improved Critical
Duel 4
Duel 5 Critical Focus
Duel 6
Duel 7 Bleeding Critical
Duel 8
Duel 9 Power Attack

I focused on Crit feats to compensate for low damage and took TWF so I can parry with an off-hand dagger at only -2 while still getting all my iteratives and precise strike

Stats haven't been rolled yet, but my priority would be Dex, Int, Str, Con, Wis, Cha.

I considered Vital Strike, but with a d4 rapier, it didn't seem worth it.

Any comments would be appreciated, one question in specific: Would this character fare better as straight Fighter?

Thanks in advance. :smallsmile: