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2010-04-27, 09:01 AM
hi all i was just looking at someone horror setting for D20 Modern and it got me thinknig about playing resident evil old school, but now i have a question, does anyone have a write up for it, like monsters, key locations, etc

Raccoon city being one of the well though out and details grounds between all the games simply is well known for the players so it would make a good area to run a survival horror game dispite having 24 hour for it to be blown up but the inital infection took like a month or something to spread.

so yeah

anyone point me in the right direction here?


2010-04-27, 09:36 AM
Zeta Kai has done a most excellent and incredibly extensive d20 write up for all of the Resident Evil games. You can find it here (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=49714&highlight=resident+evil).


2010-04-27, 10:29 AM
There was also a free D20 CoC supplement "Resident Evil: The Umbrella Files" written by J.D. Davidsen and M.B. Hansen. I'm not sure if it is available any more but it was here: Yog-Sothoth.com. You may have to search their downloads section for it.


Kuma Kode
2010-04-27, 11:53 AM
Resident Evil : Umbrella Files specifically states that it can be copied and redistributed, so here (http://dl.dropbox.com/u/1467555/d20%20Horror/Call%20of%20Cthulhu%20d20%20-%20Resident%20Evil%20-%20The%20Umbrella%20Files.pdf) it is. While technically not d20 Modern, d20 Call of Cthulhu is a similar system and it shouldn't be too much trouble to convert.