View Full Version : Is there an online Pathfinder Character Sheet?

2010-04-28, 02:42 PM
Is there? My google-fu was insufficient. I'm looking for something like what Myth-Weavers has for 3.5 and other systems- basically just a fillable PDF that doesn't try to do calculations for you.

Thanks in advance!

2010-04-28, 08:06 PM

Create an account and when you make a character select the pathfinder template. The sheet is pretty nifty.

2010-04-28, 08:17 PM
Thanks a bunch!

2010-04-29, 09:03 AM
I created a fillable pdf, which maybe of some use :smallsmile:. It's basic & nice and simple :smallsmile: (quite possibly like me :smalltongue:)

The fillable pdf uses the standard Character Sheet found at the back of the core book.


** Semi-auto calculations for things like AC, CMD, CMB etc
** Negative numbers = red text
** Class skills auto add +3, when a rank of 1 or higher is applied
** Works with FoxIt or Adobe
** There is an additional version that adds a summary sheet Summary Preview (http://www.zumii.co.uk/Docs/RPGs/Summary.png)

Fillable Char Sheet (http://zumii.co.uk/?p=275)

2010-04-29, 05:50 PM
These should now be savable =)
v2.3 (http://zumii.co.uk/Docs/RPGs/PathfinderFillable-Zumii-v2.3s.pdf) - Standard Char Sheet Char Sheet Preview (http://www.zumii.co.uk/Docs/RPGs/Main.png)
v2.4 (http://zumii.co.uk/Docs/RPGs/PathfinderFillable-Zumii-v2.4s.pdf) - Standard Char Sheet + Summary Summary Preview (http://www.zumii.co.uk/Docs/RPGs/Summary.png)