View Full Version : An intresting idea I have for a game

2010-04-29, 10:25 AM
So, my group oftenly has problems to get toghether, wich is to say that we oftenly do not play.:smallyuk:

So I devided this little plan. Each player designs a small lair/stronghold of his own and his character will be the master of said place. With the stronghold also comes the property title of the surrounding lands, a trusted leutenant and a small force of NPCs. The players can team up or go against each other for dungeon raids, invade each other etc... (though team playing is encuraged)

I will create a wave in google wave for my players, there I will post quests of two different kinds inspired in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance: Mission Quests and Send Quests.

The first kind is your average DnD quest where the party is informed of a problem and they go to solve it, some might be one session long while others will be long term non linear adventures.

Send quests, this will grant them with special bonuses, strange items, new contacts or followers, untyped bonus to skills, increased reputation, favours from nearby kingdoms, etc. This quests will have a duration in REAL TIME, 4 days for example, andthe most complex ones could go for weeks, so, say that a player knows he wont be able to show for the next session, so he sends his character to one of this quests. The result will be determined by skill checks made in the wave itself.
Players can send their leutenats or one of their small forces of NPCs (wich consist of a leader and mooks with minimal hp per lvl).

So, what do you think? Can you help me polish this idea a bit?

2010-04-29, 10:37 AM
Well, What if they can come but want the bonuses from the send missions? The only good way I can see is to send the lieutenant; but if he dies do you get a new one?

2010-04-29, 10:42 AM
Nay, people cant die in the send missions, might come back temporaly weakened or the reputation of the player might drop in the setting.

If they want their character to have the bonus they can send him and play with the leutenant in the game session. Parto of the idea is also knowing how to administrate the available missions and characters. :smalltongue:

Getting a new leutenant, well, yeah, they will get a new one, but not immediatley.

2010-04-29, 10:43 AM
It sounds great.

Would you care enough to keep us inform of your results ?
Maybe even a log archive to be available for all ? :smallsmile:

I'll be happy to follow such a game as an observer but I don't have google wave.

2010-04-29, 10:45 AM
Yes, I would update here if there are good results (or bad ones).

Other ideas were to have casual players play mercenaries that go with th player who offers the best payment for them during sessions and then have them do send missions for regular players, that way they can still improve their characters even if they dont show up again for months.