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2010-04-29, 11:36 AM
"The Lord of Murder/@$$kicking/Justice", "The Vengeful King"
Lesser God/Chaotic Evil

The surviving Bhaal-Spawn who attained god-hood through the death of his kin("It wasn't my fault!"). He calls for all those who seek "to better themselves"/"to gain power"/"to party and drink"/"adventure"........He's new, give him a break.

Portfolio: Vengeance, Justice-at-all-costs, Adventurers, Freedom Fighters, The-end-justifies-the-means
Domains: Chaos, Freedom, destruction, Liberation, Trickery
Cleric Training: Rache accepts clerics of all chaotic alignments, pitying the Chaotic-Good as naive, and hating the Nuetral-Evil as greedy.
Quests: Rache seeks to gain justice and/or vengeance, destroy and/or reveal conspiracies for what they are, and free slaves( while viciously slaughtering the slave-keepers).
Prayers: A promise to do whatever is necessary to acheive your goals is prayer enough for Rache.
Temples: Rache has no temples......yet. He would like some. But he doesn't have any.
Rites: Like temples, Rache does not have any yet. His is a religion in it's infancy.
Herald and Allies: Rache is hiring at the moment, if you know of a good herald then suggest someone. His allies are Devourers, Visages, and Revenants for the moment, when he gets some living help he might change that.
Favored Weapon: Rapier.

2010-04-29, 11:40 AM
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