View Full Version : What do you think of my Barbarian?

2010-04-29, 09:21 PM

I'm making a Barbarian for a friend and a few other misc D&D 4th characters and would like some opinions on them. I haven't given this character a weapon or armor.. Don't ask why.

2010-04-29, 09:26 PM
It seems redundant to have both Howling Strike and Devastating Strike. I suggest replacing Devastating Strike with Howl Of Fury.

2010-04-29, 09:56 PM
Fixed :smallredface:

2010-04-29, 11:48 PM
I lean toward taking a superior weapon proficiency at first level because it's easier than switching weapons later. Fullblade, Executioner's Axe, or Mordenkrad would be you typical choices. Hide Armor Expertise might also be a good first feat, just to help you make it to 2nd.

You don't list any items. I'd buy:

Hide Armor
Adventurer's Kit
Climber's Kit
Throwing hammer (3)

Leaving you 5gp to buy lunch.

2010-04-30, 12:19 AM
Mordenkrad if you expect to get a LOT of charging. At higher levels upgrade to the avalanche weapon. Brutal 1, means that your lowest damage before strength is 4.
Executioners axe if you don't expect as many charges, Brutal 2 is fun, and the high crit property makes your rampages even more fun.

Howl of fury is a good minion slayer. But I'd suggest pressing strike instead. The free shift 2, is very nice for battlefield mobility. Lets you act like a jack in the box in crowded melee. With pressing strike you can still reposition AND attack, even while dazed.

My LFR barbarian recently discovered how awesome pressing strike was after 4 levels of rolling terribly. Spent most of the fight dazed, but PS let me shift then shove a monster a into firey trap, swift charged into melee with howling strike. Crit with executioner axe. Which brought in rampage. 3 attacks on one action point. :) Afterwards just kept up the pressing strike to gain flanking on my enemies. They had the choice of either ganging up on my dazed allies, and letting me get flanking with the rogue and paladin, or moving away from my allies to the point that otherwise helpless characters were no longer getting destroyed. Even better, I kept critting, and the rampage generally killed the monster. Additional swift charges would've been great, but oh well.