View Full Version : Good Adventure Path/Campaign Module etc. for 4E?

2010-04-30, 11:01 AM
Hi all,

since it looks like I will have to become DM - despite the fact that Im quite busy in my job - in our group for the next few months, Im looking for a good premade adventure path or campaign module for 4E - Im currently just lacking time to create everything myself.

Back in 3.5, there were these amazing Paizo Adventure Paths, Shackled City, Savage Tide etc - basically full grown campaigns from Level 1-20, complete with backstory, dungeons, encounters, NPCs, everything a DM needs. We also played Red Hand of Doom, which is more like a Mini-Campaign, but we had fun with this for half a year.

Is there anything like this for 4E? If not, is there any series of premade adventures (maybe even some free for legal download?) of a similar quality? Im especially looking for Paragon Tier material.


2010-04-30, 11:33 AM
There is the Scales of War adventure path running in Dragon/Dungeon. I haven't had a subscription for a while, but a couple of the early adventures weren't bad. I have no idea if it went all the way up to Level 30, though that was the original intent.