View Full Version : Area 88 inspired 3.5 game (Jets not included)

2010-04-30, 01:19 PM
Moving topic to here, I think this is a better spot for it.....

I'm coming up with a setting for a 3.5 game where the players are all for one reason or another contracted/geas/whatever into serving a "faction" for the terms of the contract. They would have to do quests and missions for loot and rewards while all the while paying for EVERYTHING. I'm planning on using this game as a "sand-boxy" filler for when we don't know what we wanna play or whose game (many dm's, many systems, many campaigns going...headache...) we wanna play. They can play anything from any 3.5 setting and the Gentlemans Rule is in effect, cheese begets cheese, and I can out-cheese them.

In the Manga/anime of Area 88 pilots are contracted to serve as a mercenary of sorts in some pseudo-arabic kingdom's cilvil war. They had to serve 3 years, or they could buy out the contract for $1.5 million. They could also die or desert, which would get you hunted down. Since its not likely you could make it out of the theater with a plane-load of fuel you were probably dead anyway.

I'm just wondering how I can fill out and tailor the contract to fit a 3.5 D&D game. I've come up with the following.

**The contract is some sort of Geas, if you actively try not to fulfil the contract it cornholes you until you do. The contract must be paid off all at once if that route is taken, you can't pay a little here and a little there. So you must safeguard your valuables from theft/damage/whatever.

**The game takes place in a sort of "locked in" plane so they can't just simply Plane Shift out or whatnot. This won't restrict summoning things in with say Monster Summoning spells..etc.

**The PC's form one of many "Teams" the faction uses for its goals which can be arbitrary or tracked.

**Death doesn't get you out of your contract. Part of the contract is a contingiency if you die you get teleported to your faction's resident temple where you get raised at your expense. The whole having to want to come back will probably be needing handwaved. Or, if the player wants to try a new character then they can refuse the rez and then their new character will acrue the balance(post rez attempt,) and reset the time to be served to 3 years or the player's time left whichever is higher.

**Raise dead and Ressurection work as written. I'm probably going to have True Res not in the game, or it adds a year onto the contract if used. Not decided on that.

**I'm toying with the idea of letting characters buy back the level they lost with a raise dead or ressurection by spending gold at a to be determined ratio to the EXP that would be needed to get you back to where they were.

**Missions and quests given by faction leader must be taken or the Geas will kick in. If the party doesn't want a particular mission they have to "Buy out" of the mission and it will be given to another team.

**Each faction base is equipped with things that adventurers typically want or need. I have in any given base: A brothel :smallbiggrin:, tavern/inn, armorer, supplier, non-denominational temple, a barrack for each team, keep or residence for the faction leader/whatnot. I'm looking for more things to add.

I'm still working out economy and all that, and I'm sure more will come up that needs to be worked out, but if anyone has any ideas or additions/subratctions to the contract or setting I'm all ears(eyes?)