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Leaving a Legacy


Before we even begin, big thanks to ErrantX and Vorpal Tribble, whose regular contests inspired me to make my own! Also, another big thanks to ErrantX, whose format I'm completely stealing.


The contest is over! Congratulations to Hyooz, winner of Playground's Favorite, Best Fluff, and Wish I'd Thought of That!


My sword I give to him that shall succeed me in my pilgrimage, and my courage and skill to him that can get it.

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Potpourri Creation Contest I: Leaving a Legacy!

The contest begins with the posting of this thread and will run through 11:59 of May 31st.

Soon after a poll will be opened for voting that will last through of June 14th.


1) You will be creating an 'original' legacy weapon, as detailed in Weapons of Legacy (http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/ex/20050701a) and Tome of Battle (http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/ex/20060802a&page=5) OR an 'original' minor artifact, as detailed in the DM's guide and the SRD (http://www.d20srd.org/srd/magicItems/artifacts.htm#minorArtifacts).

2) Entries must include name, complete background, rituals, and description of abilities. Incomplete entries at the deadline will be disqualified.

3) Entries must be 3.5, and should probably be using the standard format below. The format isn't required, but it makes everybody's life easier, mine included.

4) Post all entries in this thread. Post all conversation, questions, etc in the chat thread (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=151136).

5) Maximum of one entry per participant. You cannot enter a legacy weapon and a minor artifact, you must choose one or the other.

6) Entries must be your own work, and must not be copied for other places. Only new work may submitted; no previously posted work will be accepted. Such entries will be disqualified.

7) No reserving posts. Feel free to tweak your creation, but the initial post must include the basics.


There will be three categories for voting: Playground Favorite, Best Fluff, and Wish I'd Thought of That! Entrants are allowed to vote for themselves, but that's usually poor form, and you're encouraged not to unless you truly believe yours is far and away superior.

Playground Favorite: This is the basic one. Any member of the playground who wishes to will vote for whichever entry they like the best. Whoever gets the most votes wins.

Best Fluff: For this category, voters are to vote for whichever entry has the best backstory, history, or fluff, mechanics be damned! Vote for whichever entry you thought was the best read.

Wish I'd Thought of That!: Only the entrants are allowed to vote in this category. Entrants will PM me their vote for whichever entry they wish they had made themselves. Maybe you really liked the fluff behind and wish you'd thought it up; maybe you think the fluff is dumb, but one of the mechanics really caught your fancy and you wish you could've used it in your own creation. Whatever! Pick the one you most wish you'd thought of!

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Weapon Description

Nonlegacy Game Statistics: +X Weapon; Cost X gp; Weight X lb.

Omen: Omen goes here.


Basic background. (DC 15)

Primary origin story. (DC 18; First Ritual)

Secondary origin story. (DC 25; Second Ritual)

Origin Story Conclusion; usually includes whereabouts of the weapon. (DC 31; Third Ritual)

Legacy Rituals

Three rituals are required to unlock all the abilities of LEGACY WEAPON.

First Ritual: Description. Cost: X GP gp. Feat Granted: Least Legacy (LEGACY WEAPON).

Second Ritual Description. Cost: X gp. Feat Granted: Lesser Legacy (LEGACY WEAPON).

Third Ritual Description. Cost: X gp. Feat Granted: Greater Legacy (LEGACY WEAPON).

Wielder Requirements

Description of those who are likely to want the weapon.

LEGACY WEAPON Wielder Requirements
Requirement One
Requirement Two

Legacy Item Abilities

All the following are legacy item abilities of LEGACY WEAPON.

Sample (Su): Description.

{table=”head”]Wielder Level|Attack Penalty|Save Penalty|Hit Point Loss|Abilities
5th| --| --| --| --
6th| --| --| --| --
7th| --| --| --| --
8th| --| --| --| --
9th| --| --| --| --
10th| --| --| --| --
11th| --| --| --| --
12th| --| --| --| --
13th| --| --| --| --
14th| --| --| --| --
15th| --| --| --| --
16th| --| --| --| --
17th| --| --| --| --
18th| --| --| --| --
19th| --| --| --| --
20th| --| --| --| --[/table]



Basic details of the artifact.

Description: Description of the physical appearance of the artifact. Include a description of what happens when you use it.

Lore: The history of the artifact. Include what knowledge checks at what DCs are necessary to know about the artifact.

Activation: How you activate the item, including what actions are required and how often various functions can be used.

Effect: What happens when you activate it.

Aura/Caster Level: Faint/Moderate/Strong/Overwhelming [School of magic]. CL Xth.

Weight: X lb.

2010-05-02, 06:04 PM

Nekron's Reaper is along, thin scythe with a sweeping, black crescent-moon blade. The haft is made of withered, white wood, appearing almost too thin to support the weight of the blade. The metal of the blade itself is jet black, but perfectly crafted to a smooth, mean cutting edge.

Nonlegacy Game Statistics: +1 Scythe; Cost 4281 gp; Weight 15 lb.

Omen: When wielded, the wood of the haft seems to twist and writhe, and the blade seems to 'drink' in blood as it cuts.


Nekron was a necromancer of incredible power from the very first age. The world was still young, and his magic was still new. So new, it is said he was the first mortal to create an undead of his own magical power. When he struck, whether it be a city or castle or other outpost, it was always very quick and efficient, apparently to steal a key magical component or other device. He was never seen without his scythe, whose blade seemed to drink the life out of everything around it, including the wood of its haft. According to rumor, his army of undead creatures was such that if he had tried to, he could have easily overrun the whole of the fledgling world. Why he never did remains a mystery.

There were a number of attempts as assassination. Strike teams were sent from around the world to hunt Nekron down and put a stop to his raids. The stories were almost always the same. As they approached his most recent base of operations, the land around them gradually seemed to die. Trees lost their leaves and slowly turned white with death the closer the got. Animals were completely absent from the area, and even the earth and sky seemed to roil with a hatred for the living trodding among them.

When the arrived at the heart of Nekron's lair, they would find him in the middle of some dark ritual, finding him and themselves surrounded by countless undead creatures. Animals, humanoids, even the odd giant and dragon, all staring at them, but otherwise not moving at all. Nekron would pause his work, take up his scythe, and the next thing any adventurer could recall was waking up on the outskirts of his land, their flesh burning. Upon closer inspection, there was no flesh there to burn. They would find a region of their bodies, from the chest region to entire limbs, stripped entirely of flesh, still under their mental control, but burning with dark energies. Some heroes chose to kill themselves on the spot, rather than risk carrying Nekron's taint back to their home lands, while others sought the aid of clerics of the region. His overall goal remained unclear.(DC 15)

The tomes of history allow Nekron's story to end ambiguously, but the tomes of dark magic continue his tale. These books are rarely kept in any libraries of decent repute. More typically, those with vile intentions will horde them, even if they don't fully understand the depth of knowledge contained within.

Tracing back through the old tomes, you deduce that Nekron was experimenting with undeath as a method of skirting death itself. The horrid grafts he would leave those who sought to attack him with were the first part of the puzzle. The next part was applying the same idea to the whole of the body. Replacing limbs and body parts was easy, though. How to become fully undead without dying? That was the question Nekron needed to answer next. His early sketches are included in many darker tomes, his work eventually culminating in the idea of the phylactery, and possibly becoming the first known moral to make himself a lich. (DC 18; Death's Return)

Enough time had passed the greater part of the world considered it far too risky to leave Nekron to his own devices. A small army was formed, of the greatest soldiers from the kingdoms of the land, led by the champions of the gods, now known only as Martin, Mariel, and Duncan. Almost all knowledge of this final battle has been lost to the ages, but a rare manuscript, protected from the very beginning of the world, contains scarce details of the event. It's said there are three such manuscripts, one written by each of the three champions, each so degraded all three are necessary to get even a basic picture of what occurred that day. Empowered by the gods, the champions led their army into the heart of what had become Nekron's fortress. Harassed all the way by legions of increasingly powerful undead creatures, by the time they reached Nekron's sanctum, the once mighty fighting force found itself reduced to only 25 men, including their increasingly tired champions. They describe Nekron as "fully a monster now, if he wasn't before" and "like something out of the darkest nightmares." It is said he killed all those who remained, beside the champions, with a mere gesture, and even then, the three only barely managed to survive the encounter. They claim to have completely obliterated his body and collapsed his fortress, leaving his scythe among the rubble. The threat of Nekron was finally ended.(DC 25; Second Ritual)

There exists one final tale in Nekron's saga, though most fail to continue looking for it, after the previous account ended in his death and 'burial.' There is no evidence that Nekron ever succeeded in completing his phylactery, and no reports of his return are directly recorded, so as far as the world was concerned, he was finally dead for good. One vague report exists in the histories of the region's capital city. It is little more than a report of the day's occurances, and hardly a noteworthy day at that. An old man, so decrepit it was incredible he was even walking travelled into town, leaning on a scythe of a description remarkably resembling the scythe Nekron carried. The man was quickly arrested, and his weapon confiscated and taken by messenger to an unknown place. The man's identity and purpose was unknown. (DC 31; Third Ritual)

Legacy Rituals

Three rituals are required to unlock all the abilities of Nekron's Reaper.

Death's Return: You must travel to the dead scar where Nekron's Fortress once stood. Once there, you must find the petrified remains of one of the trees that once grew, and meditate on the power of death and undeath you now possess, and the implications of wielding it, for better or for worse. Cost: 1650 GP. Feat Granted: Least Legacy (Nekron's Reaper).

Scarification: You must mimic the Reaper's former master in his quest for ultimate power in undeath. You must affix an undead graft to yourself or a travelling companion. Cost: Gold cost for the undead graft you are affixing. Feat Granted: Lesser Legacy (Nekron's Reaper).

The Might of Undeath You must further follow in the footsteps of Nekron, and form your own stoic army of undead. You must create or animate your entire HD limit of undead, and then leave them, forever to be masterless guardians of the halls in which they were left. Cost: 40000 gp. Feat Granted: Greater Legacy (Nekron's Reaper).

Wielder Requirements

Nekron's Reaper is classically the weapon of those who favor the power of the undead and negative energy. They are not necessarily evil, but Nekron's Reaper will require them to demonstrate their dedication to the power undeath can bring before granting them its full power.

Nekron's Reaper Wielder Requirements
Ability to cast at least two Necromancy spells
Base Attack Bonus +3

Legacy Item Abilities

All the following are legacy item abilities of Nekron's Reaper.

Animate Dead (Su): Once a day, Nekron's Reaper can reanimate a creature you have slain to serve you faithfully. This functions as <i>Animate Dead</i> with no material component.

Graft Flesh (Su): You gain the Graft Flesh feat, even if you don't meet the prerequisites.

Dark Knowledge (Su): The years of study Nekron spent have been remembered by his weapon, and can be given to its wielder. When affixing an undead graft, you do not need to know the spell required, and the gold cost is halved.

Create Undead (Su): Once a day, Nekron's Reaper can reanimate a creature you have slain to serve you faithfully. This functions as <i>Create Undead</i> with no material component.

Create Greater Undead (Su): Once a day, Nekron's Reaper can reanimate a creature you have slain to serve you faithfully. This functions as <i>Create Greater Undead</i> with no material component.

Lichdom (Su): The wielder of Nekron's Reaper becomes a lich without needing to pay for the creation of the phylactery.

{table=”head”]Wielder Level|Attack Penalty|Save Penalty|Hit Point Loss|Abilities
5th| --| --| --| +1 vicious scythe
6th| --| -1| 2 | Animate Dead
7th| -1| --| --| --
8th| --| --| 3| Graft Flesh
9th| --| --| --| +2 vicious scythe
10th| --| -1| 5| Dark Knowledge
11th| --| --| --| Create Undead
12th| -1| --| 3| +3 vicious scythe
13th| --| --| --| --
14th| --| --| --| --
15th| --| --| 3| Create Greater Undead
16th| -1| --| --| +4 vicious scythe
17th| --| --| --| --
18th| --| --| 3| --
19th| --| --| --| --
20th| --| -1| 3| lichdom, +5 vicious scythe[/table]

2010-05-11, 08:44 PM
I was not sure what to enter for this contest, but then Thrice Dead Cats (humorous) suggestion on the chat thread gave me an idea. And as DaTedinator didn't specifically reply it was banned, I now present you (disallow it if you wish) ...

The Master Token

Description: A smallish white feather.

Lore: “Long ago many feather tokens were made, and they were, of course, of various kinds; some more potent and some less. However, in secret, the Dark Lord Quaal created a Master Token to control all others. One Token to rule them all...” DC 25 Arcana or History

Activation: Upon coming into possession of the item, the owner automatically knows that it can duplicate or activate feather tokens, the location and type of every feather token within 100 miles, and that it can be used to tickle people in combat.

Effect: The Master Token can be used to duplicate the effects of any other type of feather token (Anchor, Bird, Fan, Swan Boat, Tree, Whip, ect.). It is reusable an infinite number of times.

The Master Token can be used to activate (under the possessor of the Master Tokens control) any other feather token within 100ft.

The possessor automatically knows the location and type of every feather token within 100 miles.

The Master Token can also be used in melee combat, to tickle people. It is +5 (enhancement bonus) to hit, causes no damage, but any creature tickled by it is dazed, flat-footed, and automatically fails any concentration checks. This ability cannot be used on any opponent not vunerable to critical hits.

The possessor does not age, taking neither aging bonuses (except to Int.) or penalties, and can live far beyond their normal allotted lifespan.

The possessor is treated as being under the effect of a Feather Fall spell at all times the token is on his person.

Aura/Caster Level: Strong Conjuration. CL 18th.

Weight: negligible.

2010-05-16, 01:25 PM
The Arms of Gath-Gath Uthalai are a pair of armbands made from a series of leather straps, held together with iron squares and decorated with various rough stones.
- Nonlegacy Game Statistics: Brawlers's Armbands*; Cost 1,500 gp; Weight 2 lb.
- Omen: Whenever you attack an adjacent enemy while wearing the Arms of Gath-Gath Uthalai, the armbands tighten, causing your arm muscles to flex and almost lose hold of any weapon you hold or your fist to tighten if you are unarmed.

- At first glance, the Arms of Gath-Gath Uthalai appear to be inexpertly built, the leather somewhat ragged and the stones of inconsistent color, size and texture. The iron buckles show true craftsmanship, though they have received damage from combat, as may be expected. The leather was cut by Uthalai himself from a pair of gloves and scabbard worn by his eldest brother before his death in battle and fashioned into armbards by the tribe's tanner. The stones were added later, Uthalai gathering them two at a time from each new mountain the tribe settled on and thus almost form a map of the tribes travels on each arm. (DC 15)

- Uthalai was born the third son of the cheiftan of a goliath tribe and, as such, was more often a means for his brothers to receive their combat training rather than a trainee himself. Though he learned well, it was difficult to appreciate it as his brothers drew greater attention. As such, Uthalai was chosen less often for hunting teams and instead learned the role of scribe, often documenting the goliath combat techniques. One day, a year after his brother's death, Uthalai became separated from his hunting party when the ground gave way beneath his foot and sent him sliding down a rock face, his spear snapping along the way. After determining his location and the way back to the tribe's camp, Uthalai began the long walk home, dreading having to explain his clumsiness. Halfway there, he heard a twig snap and turned to see a dire bear charging. Almost without thought, he turned and ducked the claws, fought his way behind the bear and forced an arm around its neck. Squeezing with all his might and punching with his other hand, Uthalai eventually defeated the beast and, slowly, carrued it back to the camp, where the meat provided a great feast that night. (DC 18; Eat or be Eaten)

- His defeat of the bear elevated Uthalai to new status; he was no longer his remaining brother's sparring partner, but was recognized as a skilled wrestler in his own right and quickly acknowldeged as a master. The discovery of his written descriptions of the combat forms, a surprise to the others, were borrowed by families with young children who could begin to study before they had the necessary skills to face off with an actual opponent, which was appreciated by all involved as it gave the children greater skills and Uthalai great pride as a teacher at second hand. His instinct to teach would ultimately be his downfall, however. A human who had climbed up the tribe's mountain and aided in a hunt was invited to remain for a week and he and Uthalai began learning the fighting styles of the other. When the human became involved in a dispute with another goliath and deemed in the right through nonlethal combat. The defeated goliath's father accused Uthalai of helping the human cheat so that his son could not challenge Uthalai for the cheiftanship in the future. The argument was persuasive and Uthalai received shunning as a punishment. Since the implied motive cost him the trust of those whose children he had taught, 24 hours after he was shunned, Uthalai left with the human. (DC 25; Silent Strength)

- During their journey down the mountain and out into the world, Uthalai continued to both learn from and teach his human companion, though the human made the process somewhat more complicated. He insisted on names for the various attacks and stances, a concept Uthalai at first found silly, but accepted as ultimately useful. It was at this time that Uthalai gave a formal name to the martial discipline he had been raised with and now taught, Maula Kae, literally meaning simply "I am defeated," and uttered at the end of a bout. The human, and later, his other students, wanted a title of respect to use for Uthalai and the human, who had learned a bit of Gol-Kaa, suggested Maula Gath ("defeat soundly"), which Uthalai was proud to be called. They wandered from town to town, assisting the villagers and practicing and teaching Maula Kae, until they eventually founded a Maula Kae school at the foot of a mountain range. Their school flourished and eventual produced other Maula Gaths, leading Uthalai to receive the title of Gath-Gath, which he retained while leading the school for many years, leaving only for his periodic sojourns into the mountains to prove to himself he could still survive.
- On his 70th birthday, he set out for the mountains again, leaving the armbands with his two mot skilled students, but did not return. As they believed he would have wanted, they had a match to determne which of them should claim the armbands and lead the.school. But neither could defeat the other and a school needs one mastr, so they agreed to leave and each found their own schoos, dividing the students between them. Before leaving, they sealed the doors to Uthalai's school with his armbands and went their separate ways. (DC 31; Trials of the Mountain)

Legacy Rituals

Three rituals are required to unlock all the abilities of the Arms of Gath-Gath Uthalai
- Eat or be Eaten: You must defeat an animal at least one size category larger than you with a challenge rating at least equal to your character level in combat without the use of manufactured weapons and prepare it as a meal for yourself and your companions or a village in need. Cost: 2,500 gp. Feat Granted: Least Legacy (Arms of Gath-Gath Uthalai).
- Silent Strength You must act last in a combat against two or more opponents and defeat them using only nonlethal damage. Afterwards, you must meditate in silence for 24 hours. Cost: 13,000 gp. Feat Granted: Lesser Legacy (Arms of Gath-Gath Uthalai).
- Trials of the Mountains You must travel through a mountain range for at most one week and defeat six creatures, each of a different species and each of CR no less than your character level -3. Cost: 41,000 gp. Feat Granted: Greater Legacy (Arms of Gath-Gath Uthalai).

Wielder Requirements
Monks and swordsage most often wield the Arms of Gath-Gath Uthalai, though other martial classes, particularly fighters, barbarians and psychic warriors, can qualify without too much difficulty.

Arms of Gath-Gath Uthalai Wielder Requirements
Base attack bonus +3
Escape Artist 4 ranks
Improved Grapple

Legacy Item Abilities
All the following are legacy item abilities of the Arms of Gath-Gath Uthalai.
- Living Weapon (Ex): At 5th level, you gain Improved Unarmed Strike as a bonus feat. Your unarmed strikes deal lethal damage, but you can choose to deal nonlethal damage instead with no penalty on the attack roll. You have the same choice to deal lethal or nonlethal damage while grappling. Your unarmed strike is treated both as a manufactured weapon and a natural weapon for the purpose of spells and effects that enhance or improve either manufactured weapons or natural weapons.
- Mighty Fist (Ex): When you attain 6th level, your unarmed strikes deal damage as if they were a size larger than your natural size. When grappling with your unarmed strikes, you may also consider yourself one size larger for the purposes of determining what size creatures you automatically fail to grapple. This also applies when determining whether you can use the improved grab special ability, but doe not grant the size bonu to your grapple modifier. This effective size bonus increases by one size category every four levels after 6th. This effect does not stack with other effects that increase your size or the size of your natural weapons.
- Clever wrestling (Ex): Beginning at 7th level, you gain the benefits of the Clever Wrestling feat, even if you do not meet the prerequisites.
- Situational Awareness (Su): Beginning at 9th level, you gain a +2 dodge bonus to your AC against opponents you are not grappling while you are in a grapple and in a Maula Kae stance. This bonus improves to +4 at 16th level.
- Wrist Twist (Ex): At 12th level and higher, you can initiate the wrist lock** maneuver up to three times per day as if you knew it. If you already know wrist lock, you instead always have the option to use your Dexterity modifier instead of your Strength modifier when making a grapple check.
- Fearsome Grapple (Sp): Beginning at 13th level, you can use Fearsome Grapple (SpC p. 90) as the spell at will. Caster level: 8th.
- Tricky Fingers (Su): When you attain 17th level, you gain the ability to assume the touch the untouchable stance. If you already possess this class feature, your touch the untouchable stance grants you an additional bonus on your grapple checks equal to half your initiator level while in the touch the untouchable stance.
- Grapple the Mountain (Sp): When you unlock the final legacy power of the Arms of Gath-Gath Uthalai at 20th level, you gain the ability to grapple almost anything that moves. Once per day on command, you can use Giant Size (CArc p. 109) as the spell. Caster level 20th.

{table="head"]Wielder Level|Attack Penalty|Ref Save Penalty|Hit Point Loss|Abilities
5th| | | 2| Living Weapon
6th| | -1| | Mighty Fist (+1 size)
7th| -1| | | Clever Wrestling
8th| | | 2| --
9th| | | | Situational Awareness +2
10th| | -2| | Mighty Fist (+2 sizes)
11th| | | | --
12th| | | 2| Wrist Twist
13th| -2| | | Fearsome Grapple
14th| | -3| | Mighty Fist (+3 sizes)
15th| | | 2| --
16th| | | | Situational Awareness +4
17th| | | 2| Tricky Fingers
18th| | -4| | Mighty Fist (+4 sizes)
19th| | | | --
20th| | | 2| Grapple the Mountain[/table]

* Brawler's Gauntlets (MiC 82) with its body slot changed to arms
** Second level martial maneuver available following the link in signature

2010-05-26, 11:42 AM
Five more days! Bump!

Thrice Dead Cat
2010-05-31, 07:21 PM

Weapon Description
The Fist of the Deus is more like a steel brace than an actual gauntlet, as it barely covers the entire hand and instead twists upward well past the elbow. However, unlike traditional gauntlets, prospective users of the Fist of the Deus must have it grafted onto their arm.

Nonlegacy Game Statistics: The Fist of the Deus is a graft applied to a creature's arm by replacing it and adding some additional metal structures for support. This graft turns unarmed strikes into lethal damage, allowing the wielder to always be considered armed. It also allows the user to use a slam attack doing 1d6 damage; Cost 4302 gp; Weight 1 lb.

Omen: Whenever the wielder of the Fist of Deus makes an attack with the Fist, the arm it is on glows a brilliant gold for an instant.


The first wielder of the Fist of the Deus is said to have been either been a holy warrior who fused the arm of his dead deity, who died facing off the forces of Orcus, with his own or a deity in his own right who commissioned the entire the Plane of Mechanus to build upon his natural flesh and blood in order to fight the hordes of the abyss.

Whichever the case, the original wielder passed away after years of war both in and outside of the Infinite Planes of the Abyss. Eventually, an order of mystics managed to reclaim the Fist of the Deus from the 512th layer of the Abyss. Strangely, when the weapon was recovered, the warrior's entire arm - as toned as the first day he used it - remained intact within the metal casings.

Throughout the ages, the temple where the Fist lay came under numerous assaults from numerous nefarious legions. Tales say that during the destruction of the temple in the 4th age, a Yugoloth mercenary stole the arm before fleeing back to Gehenna.
(DC 15, Knowledge (History or Religion)

In the wake of the temple's destruction, a small group of unarmed mystics eventually found their way to the Yugoloth's hideout. A junior member found the Fist after his own arm was crushed in the hands of a nycaloth commander. On the verge of unconsciousness, the young warrior stitched the Fist of the Deus to his shoulder before returning to battle, reinvigorated.

Although most of the order were retreating, the young man managed to land a telling blow against the nycaloth who just recently destroyed his natural arm.(DC 18; Essence Sparked)

When the owner of the Fist of the Deus returned to his order, the leaders of the sect found that they could not remove the arm without causing extreme pain to the man. Unwilling to leave the relic in the hands of such a brash warrior, the elders decided to instead send the man of ever more dangerous missions in the hopes of retrieving it post-mortem.

Eventually, the elders tasked the hero with reigning in a dragon from a nearby kingdom. Aware that he could not best the beast in physical combat, he instead entered the lair under the guise of a butcher. The young red dragon, Zar'deraria, decided to toy with what he saw as a rather amusing meal. Knowing what would happen if he stayed to long in the den of a hungry beast, the man tempted both Zar's pride and gullet by referring to the elders of his order as "slabs of seasoned meat."

Tempting fate, the dragon quickly snatched the man before flying off to a town near the reconstructed temple. When the two arrived in town, the "butcher" rushed towards one of the elders who happened to be in town, asking if the task required the execution of the beast. The elder monk was speechless. (DC 25; Quick Fists, Quicker Mouth)

Although the order was able to kill the dragon, the young warrior was unceremoniously banished from the order. With nowhere else to turn, the warrior began to wander the lands, doing the original work he felt the order no longer could in its stagnancy.

For the rest of his travels, - and life - he would remove whatever demonic taint resided along his path. According to some, the warrior eventually attempted to barge through the layers of Baator. Although celestial have occasionally assaulted their fallen kin, none of their records detail his man, despite current rumors that the Fist of the Deus is buried somewhere on one of the Seven Mountains (DC 31; Wayward Warrior)

Legacy Rituals

Three rituals are required to unlock all the abilities of LEGACY WEAPON.

Essence Sparked You must channel the same reckless abandon as the second wielder of the Fist of the Deus. You must best an evil outsider with a CR of your level + 1 or higher in combat in hand-to-hand combat. Cost: 2,500 GP. Feat Granted: Least Legacy (Fist of the Deus).

Quick Fists, Quicker Mouth In homage to trickery pulled on Zar'deraria, you must invade the lair of some powerful being (Minimum CR 15, total EL of your level +4), remain there for at least 8 hours and escape without coming to harm or taking directly hostile actions with either the owner of the lair or any of his possible minions. (. Cost: 12,500 GP. Feat Granted: Lesser Legacy (Fist of the Deus).

Wayward Warrior Even if you have managed to remain in good faith with any religious orders by means of a Code of Conduct or you do not even have one, you must still retrace the warrior's final steps by descending through the Nine Planes of Hell. Cost: 40,500 GP. Feat Granted: Greater Legacy (Fist of the Deus).

Wielder Requirements

The Fist of the Deus inspires many warriors who fight unarmed, either in attempting to retrieve it or in training themselves to the point of similar physical perfection.

Fist of the Deus Abilities

All the following are legacy item abilities of Fist of the Deus. Abilities gained at 17th level or higher require the Greater Legacy (Fist of the Deus) feat. Abilities gained at 11th level or higher require the Lesser Legacy (Fist of the Deus) feat. All of the abilities require the Least Legacy (Fist of the Deus) feat.

Mighty Fists +X (Su) The divine essence of the Fist of the Deus begins to course through your veins, strengthening your attacks. The Fist of the Deus functions as an Amulet of Mighty Fists +X at the indicated levels. So, +1 at 5th level, +2 at 8th level, +3 at 11th level, +4 at 14th level, and +5 at 17th level. These bonuses apply to all unarmed strikes and natural weapons, not just those made with the Fist of the Deus.

Yes Man Kablam!(Ex): The second wielder of the Fist of the Deus was arrogant in his young age. Although normally such would be considered a hindrance, such overconfidence was still confidence. At 7th level, after making an attack, you may use your next available move action to gloat. If you do so, you gain one temporary action point for the rest of the encounter.

Superior Unarmed Strike (Ex): As the young warrior grew, he realized how to better position himself when delivering his strikes. At 9th level, you gain the benefits of the Superior Unarmed Strike feat. If you do not have monk levels, you are considered to be a monk of your levels * .75.

Dragon Kick (Su): Although the unnamed warrior was outnumbered many times, he often had ways to even the odds. At 10th level, once per encounter, you may perform a Dragon Kick against a target as a standard action. If the attack misses, this ability is wasted for that encounter. If the attack connects, in addition to your normal unarmed strike damage, the target must make a Reflex save (DC of 10+1/2 character level+wisdom modifier) or be launched 5 ft. per point of damage the attack dealt. If the target saves, he is only launched back 10 ft. instead. If something obstructs the path of the target, treat the target has taking falling damage for the remaining distance he would otherwise have traveled.

HA HA! (Ex): Like the warrior before you, your fists can't do all the talking. At 13th level, you may make a feint as a swift action once per round.

Godwind (Su): In his travels, the nameless warrior began to spread himself in spirit. In combat, he learned to allow the divine essence of his acquired arm to reach his foes when his fists could not. At 15th level, you are under a constant blood wind (see Spell Compendium, page 33) effect, as the spell. The caster level for this ability is equal to your hit dice.

Chain Yanker (Su): As an unarmed warrior, the second wielder of the Fist of the Deus would occasionally fight against flying or ranged combatants he would otherwise been helpless against were it not for the Fist. At 16th level, you, too, know his secret. Once per round, instead of making a normal attack, you may make a trip attack against any creature within 100 ft. + 10ft./level you have. If successful on both the attack and trip attempt itself, instead of the opponent falling prone, he is pulled by the divine essence within the Fist of the Deus towards you, landing in an adjacent square to you, prone. You may not be tripped in response if your attempt fails.

God Wheel (Su): Some planar scholars say that all of existence spins like a great wheel with various gateways acting as the spokes from point to point. Divine beings treat this wheel like any other: using it to travel from place to place. At 19th level, you are able to tap into this wheel momentarily, gaining a small number of benefits. Once per encounter as a swift action you may activate the God Wheel ability, channeling the various aspects of existence into yourself. For the next three rounds, you gain the benefits of the Transcend Mortality spell (Complete Mage, pages 120-121) except that you do not die when this effect ends. In addition to the above, on a full attack action, you may make two additional attacks at your highest attack bonus. These extra attacks stack with extra attacks gained from haste-like effects, you are treated as one size-category larger for purposes of unarmed strike damage and natural attack damage, and you gain a temporary action point to use for that round.

Divine Essence Recaptured (Ex): Through your travels and tribulations, you have regained a portion of the initial divine spark that fueled the creation of the Fist of the Deus. At 20th level, you gain divine rank 0. For purposes of this ability, you are considered to be a non-outsider.

{table=”head”]Wielder Level|Attack Penalty|Will Save Penalty|Hit Point Loss|Abilities
5th| --| --| --| Mighty Fists +1
6th| --| --| 4| --
7th| --| --| --| Yes Man Kablam!
8th| --| -1| --| Mighty Fists +2
9th| -1| --| 2| Superior Unarmed Strike
10th| --| --| --| Dragon Kick
11th| --| --| --| Mighty Fists +3
12th| --| --| 2| --
13th| -2| --| --| HA HA!
14th| --| --| --| Mighty Fists +4
15th| --| --| 2| Godwind
16th| --| -2| --| Chain Yanker
17th| --| --| --| Mighty Fists +5
18th| --| --| 2| --
19th| --| -3| 2| God Wheel
20th| --| --| 2| Divine Essence Recaptured[/table]

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