View Full Version : Wizard lich feat help

2010-05-05, 11:11 AM
Hi, I am trying to make a level 26 lich for an encounter/adventure.
The point of this Lich is to be the big boss at the end of the dungeon(it's really a tower).

As you might have noticed from the thread name, I need some help with its feat selection.

1 Collegiate wizard

3 improved initiative

5 Create wonrous items

6 empower spell

9 quicken spell

10 Still spell

12 silent spell

15 spell penetration
15 extend spell

18 persistant spell

20 twin spell

21 automatic quicken spell 1

23 automatic quicken spell 2

24 automatic quicken spell 3

26 Epic Spellcasting

Please tell me if I have done something illegal/stupid as this is my first real wizard.

2010-05-05, 11:34 AM
Epic Spellcasting is a headache. Still and Silent spell are situational feats, possibly not worth putting on a villain. Spell penetration will be a waste; do the PCs even have SR?

You could get a lot more power with PrC's, but honestly you probably don't have to. The real tricks will be good spell selection and intelligent play. Don't be too smart though or the PCs will all die.

2010-05-05, 11:38 AM
Epic spell casting is purely needed for fluff really :P
I probably should have said so:smallredface:
The lich is in its tower while researching an epic spell.