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2010-05-05, 06:37 PM
Perditious Ruin
Devils are not known for insobriety. To these creatures of absolute corrupted law, drunkenness is seen as a petty indulgence and waste, something all too ripe for exploitation. They are intolerant of drunkenness, to the extent that the consumption of alcohol is monitored closely and strictly, with punishment disproportionate to the offense; not that many devils can get drunk.
Perdition has nonetheless produced numerous beverages of fine taste and great potency, mostly as gifts to be disseminated across the cosmos from the Ministries of Immortal Diplomacy and Mortal Relations.

Styxbrewn Ale
Treated with the amnesia-inducing waters of the River Styx, this particular ale mixes the potency of the memory-ravaging properties of the Styx with conventional ales. The result is a pleasantly tasting beverage that causes the drinker to forcibly forget any memories.

The magic in its creation has led to an alcoholic drink that appears muddy and unclear; a careless swirl of the liquid therein may produce memories lost to the Styx, these appear as brief visions all too readily claimed by the liquid. These images benefit the consumer in no way, they are evoked unintentionally by the magic used in its production.

Styxbrewn Ale is not for the unitiated, it is a beverage that patrons drink with a clear aim in mind; of course, devils rarely seem inclined to disabuse the unwary of such actions.
Murderers, criminals, all those who cannot face their guilt partake of this diabolical beverage. It forces an affect similar to the modify memory spell, save that a failed Will save (at 1/2 character level + Wis modifier) causes the memory to be forever lost.
Even to these, there are half truths to everything, Styxbrewn Ale only ever rips away five memories, any number greater than five are kept, possibly enhanced. The drinker has no choice in the memories expunged.

Those who experience alcohol poisoning with this liquid also face consequences, these must save against a Will DC 15 or forget the events of the last 5d4 hours.

Jack of Spades
2010-05-05, 07:25 PM
I see a major, glaring, twenty-point-font neon-lit problem here:
Define one (1) memory.

The fact is, the human brain is a nest of interconnections so complicated that even if you took out the neuron group dictating the memory (or reassigned it), the brain would continue to act like the memory was there. Have you ever remembered that you used to know something, but you seem to have forgotten the fact? That's what it's like if you literally simply remove a memory. What I'm saying is, you should really explain how the brew determines what counts as a memory, whether you retain the emotions and impulses associated with the memory, and things like that.

2010-05-06, 02:18 PM
I wouldn't mind seeing these as magical items or even as non-magical items but you'd need to elaborate how they are made and how much they cost.


2010-05-06, 04:18 PM
Needs a thinly veiled expy of Pan Galactic Gargle-Blaster.

2010-05-07, 06:11 AM
I've seen homebrewed Spelljammer D20 stuff. A pan-galactic gargle blaster would fit right in. I'd say it is brewed by the Mercane just to mess with other races! [See Mercane in the Epic Level Handbook page 204]. BTW, the mercane are just updated Arcane from Spelljammer. I suspect the name was changed to avoid confusion with other uses of the word "arcane" in the game.