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2010-05-07, 11:09 AM
After watching "A Certain Magical Index" and "A Certain Scientific Railgun" I suddenly was inspired to play an Artificer who used a Railgun (this kind of railgun (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=evrUU-CT1TM&feature=player_detailpage) on 1:10 - 1:14). And the timing was very good as one of my friends is planning to be the DM. I had a chat with him about the feasibility of a Railgun which my character has crafted, and he allowed the concept. Here is the tentative magic item which I have named Kinetic Accelerator Glove.

Any helpful advice and or criticisms is welcome.

Kinetic Accelerator Glove
Price: 1500gp
Body Slot: Hands
Caster Level: 3rd
Aura: Faint, Transmutation DC 15
Activation: - and Standard (Mental) or Full-Round (Mental)
Weight: -

This black fingerless leather glove has a metal plate with a Dragonshard attached. The Auran word for "Shoot" is written in small letters under the Dragonshard.

While wearing the Kinetic Accelerator Glove, you can launch an item not weighing more than 10lbs at targets up to medium range (100ft + 10ft/ crafter level) as a Standard Action. Any projectile (such as crossbow bolts, acid flasks etc.) launched by this method requires a ranged attack roll as normal.

If crossbow bolts are launched using the Kinetic Accelerator Glove, they deal damage equal what it would deal of fired normally. Any properties of the crossbow bolt (such as magical ability, masterwork quality, etc.) or feats you possess (such as Point Blank Shot, Precise Shot, Weapon Focus [Light Crossbow] etc.) apply. Drawing bolts for the usage of this item is a free action. If your Base Attack Bonus is high enough, you may make multiple attacks as a Full-Round action.

Lore: The first Kinetic Accelerator Glove was created by a Cannith Artificer who sought to increase her potential in ranged combat. (Knowledge [History] DC 15)

Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, launch Bolt, launch Item
Cost to Create: 750gp, 60exp, 2 Days

2010-05-07, 11:12 AM
Looks pretty good, but I think it could use the common charge/turbocharge mechanic in MIC. X number of charges/day; deal more damage the more charges you spend.

2010-05-09, 01:03 AM
I was expecting a little more kick. I haven't watched those series yet, but they're on my to-watch list. I think hers had a little more power than that. This is more like "a certain artificial slingshot". :smalltongue:

That's not to say this isn't a cool item. I homebrewed the exact same thing when I played an artificer. His other glove was Produce Flame at will, like a certain alchemist whose name escapes me for the moment... :smallwink:

2010-05-09, 08:46 PM
Roy Mustang, the Flame Alchemist from Fullmetal Alchemist.

Well, we're starting at around level 5 so no armor-piercing electricity powered projectile which travels at 100m/sec yet. Still browsing the MIC to upgrade it a bit more.

Hopefully, I would get something similar to that kind of railgun when we get to higher levels.