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2010-05-09, 10:52 PM
I am unsure of my homebrewing ability with 4th edition since my friends refuse to play it, but I still really want to create this idea I have floating around my head.

My idea is to allow players to play various things from the Warhammer 40,000 universe, specifically eldar (space elves) though I hope to eventually getting around to making other aliens and maybe even space marines playable as well. But I am probably going to have to do Eldar first as they are my favorites and the ones that are making my brain itch to homebrew the most. I have decided to use 4th edition instead of 3.5 because I think the various powers available to the denizens of the 41st millenium can be more easily represented with 4th.

So here's my plan of attack for this project. I will assume that readers are familiar with 40k from this point on and will not provided much if any fluff as that is available elsewhere:
Race: use the Wood Elf stats. Should do the trick nicely
*Farseer: Will either be a Leader or a Paragon Path for the Warlock
*Warlock: Defender
*Aspect Warrior: This will be handled in a weird way. You will have lots of different packages available at character creation which will correspond with various specific aspect warriors. You will recieve a specific set of equipment as a class feature, and will have access to a ton of different powers, but all of those powers will require aspect-specific equipment to use. For instance, there will be a power that lets you teleport and shoot as a standard action, but the power will require that you use a Warp Spider's Warp Jump Generator and Death Spinner to do so.
*Rangers: Strikers
*Guardians: Controller/Striker that will have access to lots of different weapons.
*Autarch: Paragon Path available to aspect warriors that have changed aspects a few times; will be a Leader that is good at other things depending on which aspects you went with.
*Exarch: Paragon Path whose roll will depend on what kind of aspect warrior you are.
*Bone Singers:Paragon Path for Guardians. Leaders that can buff vehicles.

*Path Change: A feat for aspect warriors which will let you change your previously selected powers. This will make it possible for an eldar to change paths (switch aspects) and choose different powers so that he doesn't wind up with 10 levels of powers that he can't use once he switches equipment.

Other stuff will be added or removed along the way as needed, but that's what I have in mind right now. If I don't lose steam before I'm done, I'll try to make other factions available next.

2010-05-10, 12:19 AM
Well, I don't know much about WH40K, but I look forward to seeing what you've got planned in homebrew?

2010-05-12, 05:09 PM
Alright, here's the first part of the first class. it has a few weird rules, so bear with me. As for the Striking Scorpion aspect, they are basically sneaky, heavily-armored ninja samurai type guys. I think I did a good job representing their hack and slash nature, though I'm not sure if I played up the stealthy aspect of them enough.

Role: Varies based on Aspect, but most Aspect Warriors lean towards the Striker role. In general, they are quick, hard-hitting, and very very specialized.

Power Source: Martial. Aspect Warriors train long and hard to be proficient with the tools of their trade.

Key Abilities: Constitution, Dexterity, Strength

Armor Proficiencies: Aspect Warriors are proficient with their aspect's armor.
Weapon Proficiencies:Aspect Warriors are Proficient with their aspect's weapons.
Implements: Aspect Warriors are Proficient with their aspect's war gear.
Bonus to Defense: +1 Fortitude, +1 Reflex

Hit Points at 1st Level: 12+ Constitution score
Hit Points/ Level Gained: 5
Healing Surges per Day: 6+ Constitution modifier

Trained Skills: Choose 4 skills from the class skills below at 1st level.
Class Skills: Acrobatics, Athletics, Endurance, Heal, Perception, Stealth

Class Features: Aspect, Aspect Gear, Focused Training

Aspect: An Aspect Warrior must choose an aspect of war to study. This will be the foundation of his abilities. An eldar may select a different path at any time, though doing so represents a major change in one's life and outlook. Additionally, he will not receive his new aspect gear until after he has invested a sufficient amount of time (at least several months) into training at an aspect temple. Note that many of an aspect warrior's powers require that he use his aspect's war gear, so an eldar that changes aspects may wish to invest in the Change of Path feat (yet to be homebrewed) in order to change his power selections from earlier levels.

The aspects are as follows:
*Striking Scorpions- sneaky chainsaw sword wielding samurai types
*Fire Dragons- their guns will melt just about anything
*Howling Banshees- agile, noisy warriors
*Dire Avengers- versatile warriors with guns that shoot shurikens
*Shining Spears- flying motorcyclists that hit hard with lance-like weapons
*Warp Spiders- teleporting, heavily-armored guys with strong guns
*Swooping Hawks- ridiculously fast, flying, grenade-tossing guys
*Dark Reapers- heavily armored, slow-moving, missile-shooting warriors

Aspect Gear: As a sort of graduation present to a student of an aspect temple, an aspect warrior is given a complete set of wargear including armor, weaponry, and any other pieces of equipment vital to their aspect. Basically, this Class Feature just gives you an excuse to get free aspect gear whenever they visit their aspect temple.

Focused Training: Aspect warriors train with the equipment of their aspect almost to the exclusion of any other tools. They receive a +2 to all to-hit rolls with their aspect gear's weapons, and a -2 to all to-hit rolls with other weapons. Furthermore, while they are not strictly prohibited from using weapons acquired on the battle field, doing so is against the spirit of the Path System and will likely earn disapproving glances from other eldar. Especially if the weaponry is of non-eldar make.

Striking Scorpion aspect rules to follow shortly

2010-05-12, 05:28 PM
Striking Scorpions:

Aspect Gear:
Chainsaw Sword: Uses the profile of a Longsword
Shuriken Pistol: Uses the profile of a hand crossbow
Mandiblasters Helmet-mounted, extremely short-range lasers. Fulfill the requirements for various powers.
Heavy Aspect Armor: Armor Bonus 8, Speed -1, 45 lbs, other armor stats -.

Ignore requirements specific to certain classes such as "Hunter's Quarry"
1st-Level Powers
Stolen off of Ranger:
Careful Attack
Dire Wolverine Strike: requires mandiblasters and a melee weapon
Sudden Strike: requires mandiblasters and a melee weapon
Fox's Cunning

Stolen off of Fighter:
Covering Attack: requires mandiblasters and a melee weapon
Cleave: requires mandiblasters and a melee weapon
Reaping Strike: requires mandiblasters and a melee weapon
Passing Attack:
Villain's Malice: requires mandiblasters and a melee weapon

New Stuff:
Shoot & Slash:
You slash through the flesh of the enemy with your sword, then put a shuriken into a nearby enemy.
At-Will, Martial Weapon, Standard Action, Chainsaw Sword and Shuriken Pistol
Target: One or Two Creatures
Attack:Strength VS AC with your chainsaw sword then Dexterity VS AC with your shuriken pistol at either the same target or a different one
Hit: 1(W) + Strength modifier damage then 1(W) + Dexterity modifier damage

Sneak Attack:
You stealthily approach the enemy's flank, then strike with devastating efficieny.
Daily, Martial Weapon, Standard Action, any weapon
Target: One Creature within range
Attack: Strength or Dex VS AC with whatever weapon you're using
Hit: 1(W) + Str. or Dex. modifier Damage (based on the weapon you used)
Effect: You benefit from the Rogue's Sneak Attack class feature for this attack as though you were a Rogue of your own level.

2nd-Level Powers

I'm Sneaky
You call upon your intense training in stealth to keep you from enemy eyes.
Encounter, No Action, Personal
Trigger: You make a stealth check
Effect: You receive a +8 to that stealth check

Follow Me
You instruct your allies to imitate your furtive movements
Encounter, No Action
Trigger: You and at least one ally make a stealth check simultaneously
Effect: Any allies within 4 squares of you add your Dexterity modifier to their stealth rolls.

3rd-Level Powers
Stolen from Ranger:
Shadow Wasp Strike
Thundertusk Boar Strike: requires mandiblasters and a melee weapon
Cut and Run: requires mandiblasters and a melee weapon

Stolen from Fighter:
Sweeping Blow: requires mandiblasters and a melee weapon
Rain of blows: requires mandiblasters and a melee weapon

5th-Level Powers
Stolen from Ranger:
Frenzied Skirmish: requires mandiblasters and a melee weapon
Two-Wolf Pounce: requires mandiblasters and a melee weapon

Stolen from Fighter:
Dizzying Blow
Rain of Steal: requires mandiblasters and a melee weapon

6th-Level Powers
Stolen from Rogue:
Nimble Climb

Stolen from Ranger:
Evade Ambush

Stolen from Fighter:
Battle Awareness

7th-Level Powers
Stolen from Ranger:
Sweeping Whirlwind: requires mandiblasters and a melee weapon
Claws of the Griffin: requires mandiblasters and a melee weapon

Stolen from Fighter:
Reckless Strike

9th-Level Powers
Stolen from Ranger:
Attacks on the Run: requires mandiblasters and a melee weapon
Swirling Leaves of Steel: requires mandiblasters and a melee weapon

Stolen from Fighter:
Thicket of Blades: requires mandiblasters and a melee weapon
Victorious Surge

10th-Level Powers
Stolen from Rogue:
Shadow Stride

Stolen from Ranger:
Undaunted Stride

Stolen from Fighter
Stalwart Guard

As you can see, I mostly stole things from other classes. Uncreative? Maybe, but I think it's a good way to save time when the powers already exist. Why reinvent the wheel right?

My logic on the powers that require the mandiblasters was that those powers relied on a large number of attacks or weapons to work. For a striking scorpion, the mandiblasters provide some of those attacks.