View Full Version : Another Alternative Monk [PEACH]

2010-05-11, 05:14 AM
Please note: the examination will hopefully come later. I have play testers, this is how i am working out how this class will work, and what it will be like.
In the making: Paths similar in fashion to Ranger Combat Styles, with more options. 1 Path for each monk. Up to 2 styles 1 style makes it stronger in that way, 2 styles gives balance. Will allow Multiclassing for multiple paths.
Current Paths: War, Enlightenment, Zen, Heaven and Earth, Sun and Moon.
Styles: Iron, Dragon, Monkey, Snake, Horse, Mantis, and Crane.

Under Construction:
Paths: Fire and Water, Wind and Rain, Storms
Styles: The Sword, The Bow, The Stave

Standard Monk Path: Enlightenment
Standard Monk Styles: Horse and Crane