View Full Version : Catfolk race! (4e)

Chainsaw Hobbit
2010-05-13, 10:14 PM
Catlike people that inhabit the wilderness, Catfolk are silent and deadly.

Racial Traits

Ability Scores +2 Dexterity, +2 Wisdom or Intelligence
Size Medium
Speed 6 squares
Vision Low-light

Languages Common, Choice of one other
Skill Bonuses +2 bluff, +2 stealth
Stealthy Hunter When the Catfolk makes a stealth check it may roll twice and take the better result.
Survival Instinct The Catfolk has a +1 AC while bloodied.
Feline Leap The Catfolk gains the use of the Feline Leap power.

Feline Leap Catfolk Racial Power
You jump a surprising distance.
Move Action
Effect You fly your speed.

Play a Catfolk if you want:
- To look like a cat, and even play the "cat-girl" roll.
- To be a good agile striker.
- To make a good rogue, ranger, barbarian, or avenger.

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