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2010-05-15, 11:55 AM
Hey all,

I'd appreciate any thoughts / tips on a cleric build I'm working on. The core concept is an aasimar cleric (Kelemvor; domains Fate and Travel) whose roles are buffing and melee, and whose approach to melee focuses on mobility rather than slow-moving, heavy-armored smasher. The last part is very unoptimized, I know, but it is a flavor-based constraint that is more important to me than unconstrained optimization. I'm basically looking for ideas on making him a more combat-effective character within those limits.

Resources/limits: Generally all books are fine except CC. I'm not after anything really cheesy like 1-level dipping. I'm not looking for a 20-level build, so if a concept works through level 12 that's more than adequate. I start at level 3 or so (after buying off LA for aasimar), with standard wealth. The character turns undead (not rebukes). 32-point stat buy, and INT to be no lower than 12 (flavor reasons).

My build so far:
Two flaws: -2 to ranged attacks, and -1 to AC.
4 feats (level 1, level 3, two flaws): Luck of Heroes (or other regional feat?), Dodge, Mobility, Divine Vigor. (Spring Attack at level 6).
Attack concept: Use longspear to keep foes at a distance, to offset light armor. (Will work better with Spring Attack.)

Suggestions? (For feats, stat allocation, PrCs, spells&tactics, new and original put-downs berating me for imposing these non-optimal constraints? All welcome :))


2010-05-15, 12:36 PM
Hi there...mmmh, I'll give you my 2cents.

since you will go lightly armored try Cloistered Cleric from the Unearthed arcna variant, more skills moar power...

Travel Devotion from Complete champion is gold if you take it, no matter which classes you may be (youc an even burn a domain to get it).

Chronocharm of the horizon walker can replace the Travel devotion feat if you do not want to burn a feat or a domain to get there.

Enchant your Scholar's Robe to get +8 and no encumberance

Use a monk's belt to get Wis to AC

Cast Divine Agility (i think that's its name) to get like a +5 on al dex checks including ref saves and the like.

Get the Fast trait from Unearthed arcana to get +10ft of base land movement. all you lose is 1hp every lvl.

and finally, try persisting buffs with DMM:Persist, It's cheesy, it's nearly broken but you willl feel damn good with a 24 hour buff

Hope this helps

Also, Hijacked this from a different thread

Travel Devotion rocks.

Though if you can afford it, and talk your DM into it, The Training Dummy of the Master (Arms & Equipment Manual) turns your 5' step into a 10' step, permenantly... and then you can rent it to the others in your party! :smallbiggrin:

Travel Devotion comes from Cloistered Cleric - they get Knowledge + 2 other domains, and you turn Travel domain into Travel Devotion feat instead of getting access to the domain. You do the same with Knowledge Devotion. Thus the level in cleric nets you two 'free' feats.

It kind of depends on how many encounters your DM likes to throw at you during a day as to how long Travel Devotion lasts. Provided you don't have a Cha penalty, you have enough to last the listed 4 encounters per adventuring day. Plus at low levels, you'll only have 1-2 attacks a round, so you can save Travel Devotion and just move as normal then. At higher levels, grab a Nightstick for an extra 4 turns and that should last you all day.


2010-05-15, 01:07 PM
Agreed, Travel Devotion would be a good fit for this build if it were available. Unfortunately, it comes from CC, which is not available.

Regarding the gear suggestions - how expensive are they (very roughly)? Would a level 3-4 character be able to afford them?

2010-05-15, 01:54 PM
a 4th lvl character WBL is 5.400 or something like that. A monk's belt is rather expensive at that lvl at 13.000 so that you won't get. The Chronocharm though is 500 only so that can be purchased just fine.

About the Enhancements on the armor... I think i have the post somewhere..
1) Start with the right clothing.
Scholarís Outfit

Perfect for a scholar, this outfit includes a robe, a belt, a cap, soft shoes, and possibly a cloak.
2) Next, enhance the robe with an armor bonus (up to +8), as per Magic Item Compendium page 234. This works exactly the same as Bracers of Armor; the "Adding/Improving Common Item Effects" table allows armor bonuses in both Arms (bracers) and Body (robe) slots.

3) Next, you can add an armor enhancement bonus on top of the armor bonus if you cast Magic Vestment:
Originally Posted by Magic Vestment
You imbue a suit of armor or a shield with an enhancement bonus of +1 per four caster levels (maximum +5 at 20th level).

An outfit of regular clothing counts as armor that grants no AC bonus for the purpose of this spell.
4) Finally, realize that your armor boost (up to +13 already) isn't from actual armor at all, and thus you can still wear a Monk's Belt to get (1 + WIS bonus) more AC!


Again, i UTTERLY fail in remembering the original poster of that particular piece of advice but I always refer to it.

Mind you, this is not cheap...

I'm sorry I cannot give you anything like "TAKE THIS NOW AND RUN!!" most of what you do will come from getting the best spells for your level, since you are taking travel of course that would be Lonstrider, persist it whenever posible.

Also... since you are not going the uber-optimized way... how about a couple of Scout lvls? Skirmish grants you more punch and AC as you move around... you're still losing Caster levels though.