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2010-05-16, 04:14 PM
For a Pirate/Privateer idea set in the Rebellion Era I want to use a Marauder-class corvette as the main ship. Its carried craft are listed as 12 starfighters, 2 landing barges and 4 shuttles.

Starfighters are usually huge or gargantuan and shuttles often colossal. Landing barges are probably also colossal since they should be able to transport lots of troops and/or a few light combat vehicles, right ?

Should I be able to use the hangar space as follows ?

- 4 ARC-170i Starfighters1 (gargantuan)
- 4 NovaSword Starfighters (gargantuan)
- 4 R-22 Spearhead Starfighters (huge)
- 2 GAT-12h Skipray Blastboats (colossal)
- 2 Nu-class Attack Shuttles2 (colossal)
- 2 Light Freighters3 (colossal)

1 = equipped with ion cannons
2 = used as boarding crafts when the objective is to steal the targeted ship
3 = used as boarding crafts when the objective is to rob stuff from the targeted ship

The Skiprays and Nus are rather small colossal crafts. I haven't specified the light freighters yet but they are probably around the size of a YT-2000 if such size differentiations should be made.

Also, when I remove one of the 3 tractor beams (which usually fire as one battery) of the corvette I should have ... 10 EP free to add i.e. point-defense weapons, ion cannons or other systems ?

2010-05-16, 07:56 PM
Okay, initial warning: I don't play SAGA, so this is all from the perspective of 'would I have allowed it if my PCs asked me?' (CORTEX system, so I had to stat everything myself).

Wookiepedia has the Marauder's capacity as 12 starfighters and 2 shuttles; no mention of landing barges. Says that the Marauder was a pre-Clone Wars design. I eyeballed the sizes of pre-Clone Wars starfighters (not that there are many listed), and they seem to be generally smaller than Rebellion-era craft (more A-wing size, generally wingless).

Did find a nice deck plan (here (http://www.colonialchrome.co.uk/Ships/Generic/G_SFS_Marauder.htm)). If you do wind up using it, though, note that the '12 starfighter and 2 shuttle capacity' is only true is everything is about the size of an A-wing. It'd be a royal pain to get a Skipray in; not sure if you'd have room for it on the vertical either. No way in heck you'd be able to fit in one of the wing-folding shuttles like a Lambda.

Frankly, I'd say the shuttle's would've just latched on like lampreys, and that the landing bay is starfighters only. Hence the three tractor beams: docking bay, and one for each shuttle docking point. Sure, you could ditch a tractor beam, but then you'd have to hit the docking point without it, which could be tricky.

On the landing barges: If you're using the schematic above, I'd slot them in where it says the shuttles are. But they're just that: barges, not combat craft. Landing struts, engines, particle shields, pilot seat and a whole bunch of cargo space. Bring your own comlink.

Just my two centicredits, though.

2010-05-17, 12:31 AM
I wouldn't worry about it if you're GM'ing. I was trying to do the math on hangar space once and it just gave me a headache; then I looked through Starships of the Galaxy and noticed that using the rules for hangar space in the modifications section, there is NO possible way that most of the ships could actually carry as many ships as they do in canon (they would have to have more than double their max emplacement points spent on hangar space, in some cases). Also, this is Star Wars we're talking about. Very rarely do two sources agree on the stats for a particular ship, and the dimensions of a ship are more for plot reasons than being based on any sane math.

In other words, the hangar space rules are subjective and inconsistent at best, and completely bonkers at worst. So just don't use them and have the ship carry what works for your game.

2010-05-17, 03:32 AM
@ Tam_OConnor:

Yeah, Wookiepedia doesn't mention landing barges, but the version made for SW SAGA in Starships of the Galaxy does.

I know that deckplan. Small Authority IRD Fighters and small boxy shuttles, all very cramped. It is not official and I don't use it as a benchmark / model /reference (whatever the most fitting word in English might be, not sure). Even official deckplans are often full of various errors, inconsistencies or are just plain illogical.

I don't think that capital ships in Star Wars use their tractor beams primarily for docking purposes ... they are used as weapons to catch / immobilize a target1. I'd rather say that docking bays might have their own smaller tractor beams to guide in arriving ships. Since these ships usually don't resist those beams can have a much lower power level and thus can't be used as weapons, aren't listed as weapons ... or at all.

1 = Although under SAGA rules this is very difficult to do with small / nimble targets - who are most likely to fail their grapple check against the beam - since they are very hard to hit (-20 to the attack roll) ... but that's a different problem. Under SAGA rules it wold have been well-nigh impossible to catch an X-Wing with a pilot as good as Luke Skywalker with a tractor beam like it happened in Zahn's Heir to the Empire. That was the Force ... of Plot.

Oh, and - 1 tractor beam = + 10 EP ? :smallsmile:

2010-05-17, 11:56 PM
I played too much X-Wing and TIE Fighter as a child:


Your explanation makes more sense, though. I'm resisting the urge to gripe about firing arcs on the tractor beam (Space Opera, not Science Fiction! Bad logical thought!)

Like I said though, I don't play SAGA, so I can neither confirm nor deny rumors that tractor beams could be replaced by more useful things like more dakka.

2010-05-18, 12:09 PM
Unlike previous editions (WotC) and versions (WEG) of the RPG, Star Wars SAGA't doesn't use firing arcs.

My explanation is just my opinion and afaik not based on official sources. :smallredface: