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2010-05-18, 04:01 AM
So yeah. How does appearance interact with shapechange? So if a spirit shapechanges, does it keep it's appearance score and the assosciated effects?

2010-05-18, 04:19 AM
Looking at the charm, I'd say that firstly, it's quite viable to go "Your appearance is always the same" for it.

If you want the possibility of variable-ness, then look at what the individual spirits get from it if they get just to turn into another version of themself (like the Garda Birds), and don't specifically mention different appearance, then it stays the same. Ditto if it's a minor shapechange, like the Kri turning their hooves to hands and back again. If it says 'can take on [specific form]' such as falcon, eagle, whatever, then use the appearance of that form. If it says 'any human form' or other similarly broad possibilities, then it can pick its appearance within the normal limits of that i.e. appearance 1-5 for humans.