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2010-05-18, 05:46 AM
Anyone know of any databases of Psionic powers that let you view stuff by particular factors?

Essentially I'm wanting to be able to look at the SRD (and if possible, complete Psionic) powers in a list seperated by Discipline. As it stands, you can see which are on the discipline-only lists, but there's no way to go "Show me all the Psychoportation powers!"

I'm working on putting together a Psionic class very roughly equivalent to the Warlock one that gets unlimited uses of its powers, and has a scaling direct damage effect (that's about the limit of the comparisons here). It has powers split by discipline, with stronger powers requiring you to have the weaker ones as prerequisites (think like Exalted charm trees).

As such, it'd be really help to look at all the powers of a particular discipline, so I can yoink and adapt them into being powers for my class.

Any suggestions?

2010-05-18, 05:50 AM
Does imarvintpa.com have a psionics section?

2010-05-18, 06:07 AM
Does imarvintpa.com have a psionics section?

Nope. I looked it up (my brain going, "Wait! there's that site!") immediately before posting this, and they're not there. It has Psionic items under its item section, I'm guessing it has Psionic feats under its feat section, but no Psionic powers.

2010-05-18, 02:28 PM
The Sovelier Sage SRD has a psionics search function. It won't help with Complete Psionic, but it is pretty handy.