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2010-05-19, 03:50 PM
Something I was thinking about today: Would Wizards, Clerics, Druids etc. work if they used similar mechanics to the Erudite (Comp Psi). They still retain their versatility over Spontaneous Casters, as well as their reduced spell totals/day.

1. They would get 1 unique Power/day /level (so they have 20 unique powers/day at Lvl 20). This is increased from the Erudite's 11/day because Spells can't be augmented.

2. All Casters have Spell Points (SP), which are used to cast Spells in the same way Psionic classes manifest powers (Wizard gets 324, Cleric & Druid get 349 at level 20).

3. Clerics/Druids etc. can still spontaneously cast their usual allowed spells without taking a unique power/day, as long they already have a power of the correct level locked in for the day.

eg. A N/G Cleric can cast Cure Light Wounds spontaneously as long as he has already cast at least one Lvl 1 spell already that day. It costs the same amount of SP as the Spell normally would for its level.

4. Wizards choose spells to cast from their Spellbooks, which they study each morning to re-familiarise themselves with their spell lists and refresh their minds for holding new spells. Clerics and Druids pray at the normal time to reset their spells.

5. Cantrips can be cast Spellcasting Mod/day without SP cost.

General dislike for vancian casting on the boards made me think of this, as did the sexiness of the Erudite.

Spell Points totals were worked out as such:
Amount of PP used to manifest the equivalent level Power (1-9) * the amount of spells that class gets/day at Lvl20 for that spell level. Then add the 9 levels together.
I'll be making a thread in homebrew for the system including totals for all levels and other classes, I'll link it here later.

Thoughts? Queries?