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2010-05-20, 03:10 PM
Not for any specific campaign, but I DO like to roll up characters simply because I like their concepts. However, at the moment I'm having some trouble deciding.

Right now I'm trying to recreate my character from the first game I ever played in, an AD&D game where I played what amounted to a Demigod (I was the son of Oberon) Lizardman Fighter 10/Wizard 4. Since I doubt the next campaign I'm in will let me play as a Demigod, I've decided to just stick with the Fighter/Wizard bit.

Working it around abit, I'm trying to make a CN Lizardman who can use both arcane magic and melee. My first instinct is Eldritch Knight, but giving it more thought Silver Dragon Disciple sounds appealing as well, since it would fit with the character image of the original. On the other hand, Silver Dragon Disciple doesn't have spell progression and Eldritch Knight is kind of a boring class. (Fighter - Bonus Feats + Wizard Spells. Not much reason to looking forward to leveling.)

So, given access to Core, Libris Mortis, and Draconomicon, what would seem a good course to set this character on?

2010-05-20, 03:21 PM
With only those books, you unfortunately won't have access to most of the best gish PrCs. You should try not to sacrifice too much casting, so keeping a good amount of wizard levels is important. If you can get access to the Swiftblade (http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=dnd/prc/20070327) class, that'd be perfect, since the Swiftblade is a fantastic PrC for gishes.

Wizard 10/Dragonslayer 1/Swiftblade 9 is a build that lets you get the Swiftblade's awesome 9th level ability and still have access to 9th level spells. Without Complete Scoundrel, you'll have to actually waste a feat on Iron Will, but with only core + those books, you don't have that many things to spend feats on anyway.

Alternatively, Fighter 1/Wizard 5/Eldritch Knight 10/Dragonslayer 1/Wizard +3 isn't terrible if you don't want to use Swiftblade. You lose two caster levels, but you end up with 16 bab and decent gishing capabilities.

2010-05-20, 03:25 PM
I take it the Dragonslayer dip is for the Aura of Courage? Hm, well it's not exactly the most facinating build ever but with spells it doesn't have to be.

2010-05-20, 03:37 PM
It's for martial weapons in the first one and for the extra bab without CL loss in the second one. In the Swiftblade build, you can take Martial Weapon Proficiency yourself instead, but you're losing a feat either way and Aura of Courage isn't bad. However, taking the feat lets you get into Swiftblade earlier, so that's an option if the campaign starts early.

In the second one, you can skip the dip and just take another wizard level for bab 15, though you'll lose an iterative. Or take a fighter level, but lose a CL. It's two feats for an iterative or a caster level.