View Full Version : [3.5] Strongarm Bracers from MIC

2010-05-20, 03:12 PM
For starters, I know from the SRD a large creature could wield a medium-sized greatsword as a one-handed weapon and take a -2 penalty for wielding an improperly sized weapon.

But can a medium sized creature wearing Strongarm Bracers wield a greatsword in one hand without penalty due to being able to wield as a large creature and having a properly sized weapon?

If a medium-sized creature without Strongarm Bracers tries to wield a greatsword in one hand, what penalty would he receive? Can he even try? Not even to defend himself while climbing?

Could I then, as a medium character with Strongarm Bracers, wield a Large rapier in one hand and a medium rapier in the other, finesse both and only get a -2 to attacks with two-weapon fighting?

Probably not since Strongarm bracers treat you as medium OR large, and wielding an improperly sized weapon penalties apply when you wield a greatsword one-handed because you are considered large when doing so whereas you are considered medium when wielding it in two-hands. I would like to know if thats how it would work.

2010-05-20, 03:28 PM
i would say that you would treat a large weapon as if it were the same weapon, but medium, and thus move all weapons down one size category. it would allow less paperwork for you to figure out what you can and cannot wield.

therefore, you would be able to wield a medium sized greatsword in one hand as if you were a large character (assuming that you are a medium sized)