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2010-05-20, 07:42 PM
This is a campaign journal I've created for a solo gesalt game I requested, starting at level 1. My character Kage Walker is a Rogue/Swordsage, and my character can be found in my sig. That, was eagerly responded to by Jair Barik, and my character is am aspiring assassin (for more information please read my sheet if you wish to read my background). We just started the game on Sunday, and I'm having a blast and I would all encourage you to go see Jair Barik's campaign setting (http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=125723&highlight=Kalitharsis)

This journal shall be consisted of 2 parts. The first is a 3rd person view, that will be updated (hopefully every 2-3 days). The other section will be a personal view on it, and how combat went and so on. So strap yourself in, for some reading because here it comes. There will be some fluff added to the third person, but none of it will change what actually occurred.

Here is the game link if you guys are interested http://www.giantitp.com/forums/showthread.php?t=152664

2010-05-20, 07:44 PM
Adventure I: Memories and Shadows

On the roof Kage gazed, sleepily into the dying sun. The golden rays bathed him in sunlight, and brought him back to a time, once forgotten. This place, the decrepit old building, is where his life truly began. Kage's face cringes as, he remembers the blood, and the death from so long ago. That day Kage, was baptized in blood of a friend. The blood has never washed off, and it stains his hands as does the soul. The Assassins guild took him in to train him to one day join, and there he found his true calling. He was to be a shadow in the night.

Kage's master is a man named Wulnis Thretik. Wulnis, is the most dangerous man alive. An, assassin who does not look like an assassin. His face, is said to be the harbinger, of death to those who are his contracts. Wulnis became, his mentor at the guild, even though he was just a boy, all those years ago. Training has been harsh for Kage, but the rewards have made it worth it. Now, it is time for the true training to begin.

Wulnis's voice rings out, in a sharp tone, right in Kage's ear. "Quit gazing into the sun and pay attention. You have lessons to learn boy." Wulnis's voice is cold and hard behind him, snapping as if he had done something wrong.

Kage nearly, jumps straight up, as he is woken from memories long gone. His master, was of course eerily silent, and Kage had not even noticed his presence, and he often wondered how the man did it. He thought to himself " How does he do that? Maybe, one day he will teach me. I'll probably have to meet him on the mats though and fight him again, before I do." However, with great effort he stops that feeling and turns around. Wulnis was unarmored, and many would think not a threat, with ,but a quarterstaff in his hand. Those people of course couldn't be any further from the truth.

Bowing low before, his master Kage says " I'm sorry. It has been a long time since I was here.. it brings up old memories. Anyway, enough of that why is it that I am here? Am I to receive my first contract?"

Kage is stunned as throws back a laugh. With a ring of laughter in his voice, Wulnis says "Contract? No. Your work has certainly impressed the guild but they do not see you as ready for a contract yet. You are here for training so that you may someday be trusted with a contract. Takes things one step at a time boy and you will get a contract of your own quickly enough, but until then you will heed my lessons and follow my example! Understood?"

Kage replies back, in a slightly wounded tone. " Understood sir, what would you have me do?"

Wulnis smiles, saying "Do? Nothing at the moment. I would however have you learn. Lesson one. Balance." With a lightning fast strike, too fast for the eye to follow Wulnis moves. His quarterstaff becomes a blur, and slams into the roof. Beams splinter and crack, beneath their feet. The loose tiles that make up the roof become uneven and start to fall apart and slide away.

Kage looks at Wulnis and swears, as the tiles on the building begin to fall. He smiles however, as he find his center of balance. He remains steady and looks at him, slightly surprised. He has a big grin on his face from staying up.

Wulnis gives an approving look and says "Adequate." He then jumps gracefully into darkened room below.

Kage, gives a grim smile and peers down into the darkness below. With, one hand he reaches down and grabs the edge of the whole. He then drops down into the darkness. Tucking himself down, as he falls Kage hits the floor and rolls, absorbing the impact. Standing up slowly, he looks around in the darkened room and looks for Wulnis. All he gets instead is red beetle like creature roughly the size of a dog.

The beetle quickly, scitters towards him faster then he can react. The beetle, slams hard into Kage, crushing bone. Kage's mouth fills with blood, and ribs poke forth from his skin. Blood weeps from his sides, draining him of life. Then suddenly, as if emerging from a haze Wulnis appears besides the creature.

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did you, by any chance, read the shadows edge books?

2010-05-20, 08:56 PM
Yes, I have and I love them. That's where I got the name. Also, my above post is not finished and I'll finish it tomorrow.

Jair Barik
2010-05-23, 10:10 AM
Whens the next bit going up then? I am intriguid to see the second part :smallbiggrin: