View Full Version : More Immediate Actions as a Sorcerer? [PF/3.5]

2010-05-20, 08:23 PM
I'd like build up a sorcerer character that abuses the heck out of Wings of Cover and Ruin Delver's Fortune. Unfortunately, since you only get one immediate action per round normally, you don't hold up well against iterative attacks.

Is there any way, as a sorcerer, to get access to more than one immediate action per round?

2010-05-20, 09:03 PM
To the best of my knowledge (which is pretty extensive regarding 3.5e D&D), ways to get extra immediate actions simply do not exist. Stance of Alacrity is the closest you can get, and that is specific to Counter maneuvers, is an 8th level stance, and technically converts an action cost from immediate action to no action (1/round).

2010-05-21, 02:51 AM
Shapeshift into a chrono-something (actual name eludes me, looks like a bird) from Fiend Folio. You gain Dual actions which means 2 rounds worth of actions.
Contigency gives you the ability to cast a free action spell however it is once per combat at best.

Thrice Dead Cat
2010-05-21, 02:54 AM
Ruby Knight Vindicator could get you there, but it advances Divine, not Arcane casting. Outside of that, I think peacenlove nailed it with abusing polymorph effects for fun and profit.