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2010-05-21, 04:06 AM
Is there any class or strategy to make a character very skillful in improvised weapons and doing serious dmg with it?
Drunken master is excluded.

2010-05-21, 04:12 AM
Hulking Hurler?

*is defeated by ninjas.*

2010-05-21, 04:56 AM
Hulking Hurler and Drunken master are your best bets in official material, but I'm sure I've seen a class or two that got to use improvised weapons better in third party material.

2010-05-21, 04:59 AM

straight minmaxed fighter does the trick, it seems

2010-05-21, 05:21 AM
ask your DM to homebrew the feat "Improvised weapon master" which lowers the penalty by 2.
can't remember how much of a penalty improvised weapons have... if they have -4 then ask him to ALSO make the feat "improvised weapon grandmaster, master of throwing trash" wich negates all the penalties

2010-05-21, 05:44 AM
The Justiciar uses manacles as clubs and masterwork manacles as light flails, but it ends there.

In our group, we use the Exotic Weapon Proficiency(Name of object) if you want to use a specific item (say, a shovel for a stylish bludgeoning weapon or a 10-ft pole bludgeoning weapon with reach). I guess you could allow a feat to reduce the penalty for all improvised weapons, as Shademan suggested.

2010-05-21, 06:01 AM
I tend to focus on the dmg and not in the attack bonus. A idea i had was to make a super strength war hulk(miniatures handbook) with a feat to reduce the attack penalty on improvised weapons. Thus, he will be able to lift 50lb objects easily and do massive amounts of dmg due to the weight of the object.(see complete warrior chapter 4 for dmg for improvised objects). for some reason, drunken master does only his unarmed dmg+ some more from improvised mastery, he does not add the dmg of the object itself(for example barrel of 50lb does 2d6dmg)
any other suggestions?

2010-05-21, 08:03 AM
It's Pathfinder rather than 3.5, but there's always the feat Catch Off Guard, which gives melee proficiency with all improvised weapons (assuming I remembered it correctly). You're still stuck with poor damage though, so usual leap attack/power attack shenanigans probably come in here.

2010-05-21, 08:30 AM
Theres a couple of homebrew feats in the Netbook of Feats (Anything Goes Combat, Improvised Weapons and Stone Thrower) that might help - if homebrew is allowed.

http://www.google.com.au/url?sa=t&source=web&ct=res&cd=5&ved=0CCUQFjAE&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.rpgnet.gr%2Fstore%2Fnetbooks3 rd%2Fnb_nbofeats009.pdf&rct=j&q=netbook+of+feats+3.5&ei=5Ir2S6HkHIKecZTB8fcL&usg=AFQjCNH7_QAjBPTmUg5H7XUQdr42ekbwBw

2010-05-21, 11:22 AM
There's a Ravenloft feat called Brawler, which makes a weapon of appropriate design be treated as proficiency (such as a bottle or a sapling)

2010-05-21, 10:36 PM
Is there any class or strategy to make a character very skillful in improvised weapons and doing serious dmg with it?
Drunken master is excluded.

Brawler in Dragon #295. It's a 3.0 class, and has annoyingly difficult requirements, but a 1-level dip removes the -4 improvised penalty entirely (the only 3.x method to do so), and a 2-level dip allows you to apply weapon-specific feats such as Weapon Focus/Improved Critical to improvised weapons.