View Full Version : PEACH Psibond and Shapeshifting as any class abilities

2010-05-24, 11:03 AM
I am trying to rebuild some class features into a non class specific format. Options for how to balance it include Feat Trees, Ability Score Point costs/penalties, Level Adjustment, lump sum of XP. I would also be willing to hear other alternatives as well.

The shapeshifter could be broken up into individual progressions (that have the previous as prerequisites possibly). At the least I would want the Predator Form, Aerial Form and Ferocious Slayer Form to be one chunk or chunks, with the Forest Avenger and Elemental Fury being another chunk or chunks.

I do not want to get all of the Psibond properties, just the bond itself, the Forced Sense Link, Nudge, Empathy and Suggestion. As a note the Suggestion ability would be limited in that if a subject saved against a Suggestion the subject is immune to that specific Suggestion for 24 hours, this is to just prevent spamming the feature until subject fails a save. This immunity is to the exact course of action that was suggested as well, a different suggestion (with a new psibond) on the same subject that is substantially different in the view of the DM would be allowed. The minimal group for this would be the Forced Sense Link, Nudge and Empathy, the Suggestion ability could be a separate added ability but the first three need to be part of the initial ability or feature.

My initial thought would be to have each shapeshifter form be its own feat, and requiring each previous one as a prereq. Psibond I see as being two feats, one for the bond, Sense Link, Nudge and Empathy, another for the modified Suggestion.