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2010-05-24, 12:58 PM
Howdy ya'll. Figure this would be the best place to ask this.

I'm currently in a party consisting of a LG Cleric of Moradim, a Kensai Paladin, and a Fighter who specializes in Bows. I was the Wizard of the group, playing as a Necromancer, but I got dragged underwater and grappled by a crocodile... demon... thing... that ate her. Yeah. Wasn't a good day.

So the time comes for me to find a replacement character, and since I'm stuck with being the 'Caster' of the group, I think I want to try my hand at playing a B-b-b-b-BAAARD.

To those who are reading this, I ask you, what are your experiences playing Bard, and how did you use your Feats, Skills and Spells to your advantage? To Role Players, how did you play YOUR Bard? To Roll Players, how did you Power Game YOUR Bard, assuming you've played one.

If you want me to look up a specific book, assume I have it, as I have anything 3e and 3.5 related. DM allows most anything Dungeon Magazine and Dragon Magazine material, as well as anything in terms of Variants and Official D&D Hardcover books. This is assuming that it is not inherently broken. (FLAAAAWS.) Only restriction is that I can't mess with Races outside of PHB, and the only thing I can use out of Unearthed Arcana are Flaws, but I'm only alloted two.

I ask for this information so I can find inspiration for the Bard I shall create. In my mind, she's a String Player from a Noble Family. Fun times.

Thank you in Advance.

2010-05-24, 01:06 PM
My bard experience:

Dexterity is your friend. Don't go melee except for emergencies; use your bow and arrow or a whip to trip folks up.

Think like Batman. Get items for everything.

Inspire Courage, and always grab buffs. Yes, you get them later, but hey, you grabbing that haste spell to cast or those summon monster Is lets the wizard/sorcerer focus more on save or dies.

If you need battle spells, Bonefiddle is a nice choice. Tasha's Laughter is your best friend, especially at low levels. It is the save or die for a bard. A few of those and your fighter feels important, but you know it was all you. Irresistable Dance replaces it later.

Let the others go into the battle. You just help them running.

That's all I got. Bard is one of my favorites, and there are some good strategies hiding within them.

2010-05-24, 01:12 PM
take a level in mind bender so you can use telepathy to inspire your courage.

grab a dagger whip. it does lethal damage and threatens squares as i recall. talk to your DM about allowing it without taking a feat since you are already proficient in whips.

get a good dex, con, and cha. you get plenty of skill points, so at least try not to get a penalty to int. weapon finesse is your friend, so dont worry about strength. wisdom isnt really necessary either.

then just try and get that class that gives you 9th level sorceror casting

2010-05-24, 01:47 PM
@Alchemyprince: Thank you. Now I'm thinking like the Batman... is Perform (ScaryFace) Viable? And I should focus primarily on Utility items and spells then, since everyone else should focus on Save + Die? Also, there is no Sorcerer/Wizard. We have a Cleric and a Paladin, both of which are focusing on Melee combat. I'm the only Arcane Spellcaster.

@Gallagher: Can you tell me where Mind Bender is located? (Book name or Magazine Number). Do you know the name of that class that gives 9th level Sorcerer? It intrigues me, now.

2010-05-24, 02:14 PM
Do you know the name of that class that gives 9th level Sorcerer? It intrigues me, now.

Sublime chord, it's a prc, complete arcane, iirc.

2010-05-24, 02:25 PM
I'll just leave this here.


2010-05-24, 02:26 PM
Mindbender is also Complete Arcane.