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2010-05-26, 04:27 PM
I need good sayings for a Evil character I made. He isn't as evil as BovD, but he is a sort of Bad-A killing, soul stealing, evil. If he is going to be chaotic, it would be a Joker kind of chaotic (a well-planned, outsmarting agent kind of chaos).

Any phrases he could use besides, "Blood for the Blood God BLARGAHAHAH!!!@@*#$*(?

Feel free to post your favorites! :smallsmile:

2010-05-26, 04:29 PM
Class, or Int? Some phrases are more suited for certain character concepts...

2010-05-26, 04:34 PM
It's a Pathfinder Campaign using an E8 system with houserules to make it easier to get into PRC's.

He is a Gish and his Max level build would be.

Ftr1/Wiz3/Eld Knight 4. With INT STR CON being main stats in that order.

2010-05-26, 04:36 PM
"(insert villain monologue). . . and now you die." it'll be pretty funny after the party survives for 2 or 3 supposed final sentences. and funnier when they actually kill the villain.

2010-05-26, 04:43 PM
Destroy all that is beautiful, cleanse it with fire!
Then proceed to cast fireball on the weak and innocent.

2010-05-26, 04:55 PM
Don't speak, let the minions do the talking for you.

Lycan 01
2010-05-26, 05:17 PM
In leiu of the 40K quote you used, the armies of Chaos have plenty of other mottos and lines. Heck, even the good guys have quotes you could use for evil purposes...

"All is dust!"

"Cleanse and purge!"

"Kill! Maim! Burn! Kill! Maim! Burn!"

"Innocense proves nothing."

"Dark dreams lie upon the heart."

"There are no civilians in the battle for survival."

"The wise man learns from the deaths of others."

"Sins hidden within the heart turn all to decay."

I think you'll like these best...

"My armour is contempt." if he's a wizard, since they don't get armor...

"Only the insane have strength enough to prosper. Only those who prosper may judge what is sane." for a Joker-esque character...

"Men must die so that Man endures." if you're a warrior and/or Lawful Evil...

2010-05-26, 05:20 PM
"I can do no wrong for I do not know what it is."
quoted from a creepy cartoon which featured the devil

"Do it? I'm not a serial republican villain. Do you honestly think I'd explain my master stroke if there remained the slightest chance of you effecting its outcome? I triggered it (blank time) ago."
if you don't get the reference I am deeply saddened

2010-05-26, 06:14 PM
In leiu of the 40K quote you used, the armies of Chaos have plenty of other mottos and lines. Heck, even the good guys are evil...Fixed that for you.

Oh, and the quote goes as follows:
'Do it?'

Dan, I'm not a Republic serial (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Republic_Pictures) villain. Do you seriously think I'd explain my masterstroke if there remained the slightest chance of you affecting its outcome?

I did it thirty-five minutes ago.[Edit]: Though him being "serial republican" would be amusing, given his rather liberal views.

2010-05-26, 08:18 PM
Avoid tedious monologues of how he knew exactly what the PCs were planning.
If you have to do a monologue like that, read the Grand Admiral THrawn books written by Timothy Zahn. His whole "I knew what you were going to do before you knew it," speeches are pretty good.
Far better than say, the ones by Michael Stackpole in the X-wing series.

2010-05-26, 08:47 PM
I always kinda found Thrawn laughable, personally, with the eyebrow raising and the art studying. Zahn's an excellent writer for the most part, but writing a brilliant strategist as your central character when you don't actually know very much about how to write one is oof.

2010-05-26, 09:18 PM
It WAS odd. I always just envisioned it as doing a psychoanalysis of a person via the art they collected/made. Stretching that into an entire race was a little more difficult.

Have you ever noticed how Loor and Isard in the xwing series spoke? "I saw that you did X. And I noticed that you tend to do Z after Y has occured. From there, I could deduce that you would do W. And here you are, in my clutches"
(Okay, I paraphrased a little)

2010-05-26, 09:19 PM
I just found something AWESOME!!!


It makes me feel like I'm in an epic battle. On the Evil team hehe.