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2010-05-27, 12:15 AM
After some help from my co-creator, Thornbrier, Averagedog and his friends, I managed to get an approved downgraded version of my race for 4.0, known as the mojavo. Originally starting off as a race from Spore, I was so impressed by the design and feel of the race I just felt I had to adapt it for another purpose outside of the simulator. I eventually branched it off for use in my Webcomic, Mutant 59, and then I made a 4.0 version of it. Now, I've converted the Mojavo for 3.5 gameplay. This is largely meant for a reference to look at when I begin campaigns for this, but other people may utilize the race for their own use later, if they want. Since pictures seem to malfunction on this site, I'll just post the links to what they look like instead.

Mojavo as a 4.0 Warlord ("http://www.furaffinity.net/view/3916413/")

Mojavo as a Sci-fi dragoon ("http://wrathofautumn.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d2aopa9")

Detailed info:

Mojavo(Version 3.5)
Spiritual, Devoted Zealots, sent
by the Gods to protect the lesser races

According to Dwarven Script, the Mojavo were outsiders from a strange land across the sea that came out of nowhere. They moved into the mountains and established cities on the mountains, making distinct shouting in garbled languages to attack and destroy cities in the lands below. The Dwarves minded their business, staying as far away from these strange creatures as possible. Then eventually, the Mojavo came to the Dwarven cities on accident, and the first meeting of the two races took place.At first, the treatment to one another was hostile, but for reasons unknown to the Dwarves, the Mojavo showered them with gifts and songs, even exorting gestures of friendship in a guttural, neandethalic language. As time passed, the Mojavo had developed into the prosperous civilization they are today, and earned a strange if not welcoming friendship with the dwarves.

Mojavo Lore tells of a different story. When the gods began to create the land, the laws, and creatures to uphold the laws, the Mojavo themselves were one of the first, brought in by a sacred ark long forgotten in their tales. They were blessed with mighty, powerful bodies to look after the creatures that came after them, the lesser races.Establishing their cities as grand monasteries high in the mountaintops dubbed as the Holy Land, the Mojavo look down upon the rest of the world, governed by the Covenant. They are the upholders of the Absolute Law, which embodies every law that was and every law that will be. By their understanding of it, they judiciously settle affairs between one race or another, judging for themselves who is in the ultimate right, regardless of political ambitions. As such, those countries who've had the Mojavo come to their lands have either come to love them or despise them.

The Mojavo are a proud people, passionate in whatever it is they mean to achieve and do. Very few Mojavo are seen without this self-discipline. As they are mistrusting of the Cheen-Mojavo, they are very reclusive. Lovers of order, they indiscriminately praise, befriend, and even provide aid to those who follow the Absolute Law. Anything else otherwise is dealt with in their judicious manners.

That does not make them sticks in the mud, however. They enjoy music, games, dancing and entertainment like other races, so long as it's dictated within the Absolute Law. As an aggressive people, however, sometimes these activities are cut short before they get violent.

Physical Description:
The Mojavo are described as a race very kangaroo like in appearance, with digitigrade feet, five toes lined up in an arch shape, sharpened claws covering the tips of each metatarsal. Their legs are muscular and bulbous, ideal for running great distances and jumping. Balancing themselves with their thick, stiff, reptilian-like tails, their wide hips curve upward to a slim torso with somewhat less muscular arms and clawed hands. Atop a thick neck is a round head with a broad snout, lined with sharpened teeth. Their sensitive noses are pointed with the nostrils facing the ground, similar to appearance as that of humans. Along the side of their heads are eyes, with vertical slits slicing down. They have long ears that can move in many different directions, much like a horse.

The Mojavo's have coarse light red fur with white and gray stripes going along the sides of their body and meeting up at the snout. While not common, their fur can be of a variety of colors from chocolate brown to goldenrod or a light gray, yet the stripes stay white. The eyes vary in color, either red, yellow, or a light green. Usually the Mojavo do not often have hair growing atop their heads. Most never manage more than a few thick strands. On rare occasions, however, the Mojavo can have a full head of hair usually resembling a pale gray mane across the neck.

Unlike kangaroos, the Mojavo are not marsupials. Every Mojavo starts their life as an egg and reaches maturity around the same time as humans. The average life span of a Mojavo is around 180-195 years. Aging gracefully, an elderly Mojavo can still function as a lethal warrior and/or a competent citizen as any young adult.

Surprisingly, the Mojavo are a race of only one gender (androgynous). They are born both male and female. Though they do not describe themselves as "He" or "She", they sometimes distinguish themselves in ways that make them behave like either sex. For instance, a Mojavo can prefer to be companions with more "female" versions of their species and vice-a-verse-a. Though it is discouraged, intimate relationships with lesser races is not uncommon. They distinguish their gender preferences largely by how they dress as a culture, along with how they behave. Very feminine Mojavo will dress more girlish while more masculine Mojavo dress more like the boys of other races.

The Mojavo are not very trusting of outsiders, seeing the Lesser Races(Or "Cheen-Mojavo" as they call them) as a troublesome bunch that hold no real understanding of the Absolute Law. Though adventurers are allowed to pass through the Holy Land, they are on guard if they should happen to do anything troublesome. On very occasions however, there are individuals who actually do live up to the standards of the Absolute Law, earning the respect of the Mojavo. This applies to Humans, elves, halflings, half-orcs, gnomes and half-elves alike.

Humans are often seen as the most troublemaking race of all, causing as much mischief againsth the Absolute Law as they do apply it. Combined with the complex relations between them and Dwarves, there are often mixed feelings toward the humans. As such, their treatment ranges from one Mojavo to another, sometimes with benevolence and others with hatred. The detached views of the elves often lead the Mojavo to see them as apathetic to the cause of promoting the Absolute Law, causing a disdainful discrimination against the elves. The half-breed children, the half-elves and half-orcs, are treated by Mojavo as a whole with mistrust, the half-orcs more so for the Mojavo's history against the orcs, but the Mojavo give them all the chance to prove themselves. Those few Half-Breed children who prove themselves worthy earn the esteeming respect of the Mojavo.

Halflings, to the Mojavo, are not registered to the Mojavo as anything particularly interesting. While they do stand up for personal honor, and their deity Yondolla, is an establisher of order and virtue, the Mojavo do not consider them as serious upholders of the Absolute Law, if only but a fraction of it. Paired with their laughable size, they are often made a joke in Mojavo culture. Nevertheless, there are a few Mojavo who respect the deity of Yondolla and will extend offers of friendship with the Halflings. These individuals are often viewed as strange. Gnomes share a similar relationship with the Mojavo as the Halflings. While they are Cheen-Mojavo, as their lore says, they are befriended and loved by the Dwarves. Out of respect for their mutual allies, the Mojavo humbly tolerate the presence of the gnomes, even if there are some hints of resentment.

Dwarves and Mojavo share a very strong bond with one another, forging an alliance as old as the mountains themselves. There is no mention of the Dwarves in their Lore as being considered Cheen-Mojavo, leading the Mojavo to consider them as equal of respect and kinship as themselves. The Dwarves have accepted their friendship though centuries of geneaology and diplomacy, having good relations with their families for some time. It is the Dwarves acceptance of other races that has softened the Mojavo's intolerance of many Cheen-Mojavo, the gnomes and humans especially. The Dwarves who live beneath the mountain often invite the Mojavo over during grand celebrations and whatnot, while the Mojavo invite them over during masses and Pagan Holidays. Both share a hatred against the orc humanoids and giants, which have had a long history of feuding with them. Quite uncommonly, there are also marital relationships between the Mojavo and other races.

As followers of the Absolute Law, the Mojavo commonly fall under the Lawful alignment(Good, Neutral or Evil), living by an ancient code that defines their establishment of order of their own ideal to all Cheen-Mojavo. Those who follow the path of Lawful Good justify order for the greater good across the world. Mojavo under this manner often serve as the Covenant's soldiers. Lawful neutral Mojavo tend to establish order for the sake of the Holy Land and at times, themselves. These Mojavo often make good judges and local law enforcement wherever they are. Often disfavoured however, are the Mojavo who establish order under the ideal of Lawful Evil, often considering what is best only for themselves. They care little for the ways of the Covenant, following their own interpretation of what the Absolute Law is for, and use it to attain personal power and dominion over the Lesser Mojavo and even at times, other Mojavo and their friends. While they are shunned by society, these Mojavo are not disrespected in the Holy Land. As they are followers of the Absolute Law, the Covenant and the Holy Land treats them equally as any other Mojavo.

Mojavo Lands:
The Mojavo make their home up in a region of mountains known only as the Holy Land, but communities of Mojavo have been known to live in widespread forests as well. They have no ambitious desires to build glamorous castles or towers. Monasteries and Shrines are where their government and devotion shines. Little villages are built around these great monasteires where they go regularly to worship and consult the Archbishop of a monastery or even the Covenant, the wisest of the Mojavo and most attuned with the Absolute Law, for advice and knowledge.

The Holy Land's region has stayed the same as long as people can remember. The mountains and few forests they thrive in have never expanded beyond the territory the first Mojavo established a monastery. this is because Mojavo rarely show no ambitions towards conquests or establishing civilization(the exception to these are Mojavo falling under Lawful Evil.). They see themselves as merely a weapon of the gods used to punish those who defy the Absolute Law, but not to control. As such, relations with other kingdoms are non existant, as the Mojavo keep to themselves most of the time.

The presence of a Mojavo in the cities of the Dwarves are quite common, as the two commonly cooperate with one another. Sometimes, the Mojavo will appear in the cities of Halflings and Gnomes as merchants or missionaries. Sightings of Mojavo in human cities and the dwellings of elves are rare, but even rarer is that their intentions are friendly. The ominuous presence of a Mojavo in a human kingdom is usually marking a judgment. An old human quote says "If there is a Mojavo in your town, he's deciding whether it's a good or a bad town. If two to four Mojavo are present, the Mojavo are most likely strategizing an attack. If there are five or eight Mojavo, an army is more than likely on its way. If there are more than nine...seal the gate, double the guard, and bring all provisions inside!"

The Mojavo, who specialize in training monks, worship a variety of gods that will aid to promote and discuss the Absolute Law. Commonly, the Mojavo often turn to Heironeous, the God of Valor and St. Cuthbert, the God of Retribution. At times, Pelor is often worshipped by Mojavo. On rare sightings, in the more remote parts of the Holy Land, there are shrines to Hextor, the god of tyranny and destruction. On strange sightings, there are Mojavo who do share worship with the halflings of Yondolla. These among a few others are the gods in which the Mojavo turn to to answer questions of the Absolute Law.

Common and Dwarven are the primary languages of the Mojavo. The Mojavo have no true language of their own, and are often said in the earliest days of Dwarven script that when they were first born, they could not talk. Instead, everything they know of languages they adopted from the Dwarves, including addtional languages of the Giants, Gnomes, Goblins, Orcs, Terrans and the Undercommon.

The names of the Mojavo are often expressions of zeal and the desire to invoke justice. It's not so uncommon for the Mojavo to take on the names of the Dwarves, but their allies are less than flattered from it usage outside of tradition. As such, only Mojavo married within the Dwarven clans are allowed to adopt Dwarven names. While they can also adopt the names of the Cheen Mojavo, this is often disfavoured by other Mojavo. As an androgynous race, the Mojavo can take on both male and female names, regardless of personal preference.

-Mojavo Names: Abia, Faisal, Farook, Hafiz, Jaleel, Kamal, Khoury, Mansur, Mukhtar, Nassir, Nuri, Qadira, Rashida, Sadik, Seif, Siham, Tahirah, Ulima, Walid, Zahir
-Dwarven Names(Male and Female): Artin, Audhild, Barendd, Brottor, Dagnal, Diesa, Eberk, Einkil, Gunnloda, Hlin, Ilde, Liftrasa, Oskar, Rurik, Sannl, Taklinn, Torgga, Traubon, Ulfgar, and Veit.
-Dwarven Clan Names: Balderk, Dankil, Gorunn, Holderhek, Loderr, Lutgehr, Rumnaheim, Strakeln, Torunn, and Ungart.

Outsiders often view the Mojavo as an arrogant, snooty race of warmongers that take justice into their own hands, whether it is their business or not. Dispensing their brand of justice indiscriminately, they do so with no intentions of conquest. The Mojavo are, in fact, a passionate and dutiful race, loving all that is decreed as good by the Covenant and the Absolute Law. Their only wish is to enforce and promote goodness and virtue. Indeed, what is considered just is not only praised, but rewarded. A party seeking information from the Holy Land can be showered with equipment, supplies, and medicine, even soldiers. On the contrary, a party entering the holy land for what is considered against the Absolute Law can be punished by swift death.

In spite of what is stated in the lore as is the Absolute Law, the Mojavo are in constant debate over how to apply it. Should a beggar who steals an apple from a cart deserve to live, even if he was starving? Should an entire country be condemned for the actions of their king? Should an army be left standing, guilty as they are, even when they have surrendered? How monstrous does a creature have to be before its death is no longer considered murder? What is the burden of proof needed to legally commit murder?

The Absolute Law defines a Mojavo's style of life heavily. It is their most incorruptible strength and most manipulate-able weakness. Because there's no straight answer to what exactly the Absolute Law says for or against any given subject without the direct interpretation by the Covenent, Mojavo party members can be easily manipulated to someone else's advantage. For instance, a Mojavo may be restrained from killing a traitor in the party when called into question by the Absolute Law if killing them in this case is considered justified murder or not. Or a Mojavo might be persuaded by a claim that the Absolute Law justifies desecrating a graveyard because saving an innocent's life from the gruesome and unnatural death of being buried alive is a higher priority.

Dwarves, on a strange note, are very close friends to the Mojavo. By their own lore, the Dwarves are never listed coming before or after the Mojavo. As such, they are considered to be among the children of the Pantheon that were born alongside them, and are revered as an unearthly ally like no other. A Mojavo will enthusiastically join a party that is accompanied by a Dwarf if asked to. While the Dwarves may not share their sentiment, they value the friendship of the Mojavo who share their homes in the mountains, seeing them as both dependable allies and generous trading partners. Both races share a hatred for giants and orc humanoids, who've mistreated each of them.

Racial Traits:

-Ability Scores: +4 Dexterity, +2 Charisma, -2 Intelligence, -2 Strength. The Mojavo are a very nimble folk, capable of making efficient twists and turns, but they do lack the . Their stunning unworldly appearances is stunning to others, making them easy to negotiate with. However, their stubborn and aggressive behavior makes them somewhat dull.

-Type: Humanoid(Mojavo)

-Size: Medium. As medium creatures, Mojavo have no special bonuses or penalties to their size

-Base Speed: Mojavo's base land speed is 40 Feet

-Vision: Low Light Vision. In conditions with poor lighting, a Mojavo can see twice as far as a human cnn. However, the mojavo see only in shades of gray or green during these conditions.

-+2 Racial bonus on Knowledge(Religion) checks: The Mojavo, as expert theologists, are keen at understanding the religions of other cultures.

-+2 Racial bonus on Balance Checks: Mojavo are trained early in life how to balance naturally with their legs during combat and situations related to it.

-+2 Racial bonus to Jump Checks.

-+1 Racial Bonus to Reflex: Mojavo are trained to be light and flexible, making them react quickly to certain attacks.

-Automatic Languages: Common and Dwarven.
Bonus Languages: Giant, Gnome, Goblin, Orc, Terran, and Undercommon

-Weapon Proficiency: Mojavo receive the Martial Weapon Proficiency for the whip(includes spiked chain), rapier, longsword, and slings as bonus feats.

-Functional Feet: You gain the Two Weapon Fighting chain for free(At level one, you earn the Two weapon Fighting. At level six, you earn Improved Weapon Fighting. At Level Eleven, you earn Greater Two Weapon fighting.). The feet of a Mojavo are capable of equipping two small weapons(Daggers, Sickles, etc.) and may attack with them as though they were equipped to their hands(Requires two leg bracers in order to attach them.). In this way, you may equip up to four weapons with a mojavo. When in combat, you can alternate attacking with weapons in your hands or weapons on your legs(Either set counts as regular attacks and utilize a base attack bonus.) When making a full attack, you can attack with all 4 weapons, provided that you have at least enough attacks to designate as primary, secondary, offhand primary, and offhand secondary. However, you are required to have the prerequisites of the two weapon fighting feats to benefit from them. The Mojavo do not need to qualify for the BAB requirement when qualifying for these feats.

-Ferocious Leap: A Mojavo may jump as though it had a running start: The Mojavo are natural jumpers, often using their ability to jump to get from one place to another in place of walking.

-Androgynous: The Mojavo have no apparent gender. Chances of items and spells targetting a specific gender have a 50% chance of working.

-Favored Class: Monk. A multiclass Mojavo’s Monk class does not count when determining whether he suffers an XP penalty for multiclassing: The Mojavo's culture teaches them to apply the Absolute Law in all forms of order. As such, Mojavo are often pushed to take on the role of a monk, which can assume all three roles of Lawfulness. Paladins(Lawful Good) and Druids(Lawful Neutral), however, are not out of the question. They are very rare, though.

Level Adjustment: +1

Mojavo Random Starting Ages
Adulthood: 24 years(Simple +4d6, Moderate +6d6, Complex +10d6)

Mojavo Aging Effects
Middle Age: 90 years(Old is 135 years, Venerable is 180 years, and Maxim age is +4d% years)
1. At middle age, -1 to Int, Cha, and Dex; +1 to Wis, Str, and Con
2. At old age, -2 to Int, Cha, and Dex; +1 to Wis, Str, and Con
3. At venerable age, -3 to In, Cha, and Dex, +2 to Wis, Str, and Con

Mojavo Random Height and Weight
Base Height: 6'4"(Height Modifier of +2d8)
Base Weight: 200(Weight Modifier of x1d4)